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What Do Mom and Dad Do All Day?

May 28, 2024

Many children of Port of Seattle employees might wonder what their parents do all day at work. More than 139 kids between the ages of 8 and 18 got to see for themselves at the largest Take Our Kids to Work Day to date at the Port of Seattle. This was the first in-person opportunity for Port employees to bring their kids to work since 2020. This was a unique opportunity for kids to see what goes on behind the scenes in a fun, engaging way and learn more about different Port careers.

All about aviation operations

Fifty-four children and parents toured Seattle-Tacoma International Airport (SEA)’s airfield (where aircraft take off and land!) and the Port of Seattle’s fire station to watch CPR demonstrations and learn how to use firefighting equipment like the hoses and uniforms.  


The Wildlife department gave families an inside look at a different flying creation — birds! They showcased different types of birds that live in the greenspace surrounding SEA Airport. And taught about the Port’s Raptor Strike Avoidance Program, which traps and relocates our winged friends to keep both raptors and airplane passengers safe at SEA Airport. 


One participant’s favorite part was having special access to the airfield where they had up-close experiences of airplanes flying over their head. Aviation Operations staff enjoyed sparking aviation interests as they nurtured curious minds.

Marine maintenance magic

In the Marine Maintenance department, 38 children and their parents had a busy day learning from different shops.

The Fire Protection group showed children how to use fire extinguishers and fire hoses in the event of a fire, along with seeing the inside of the fire trucks. The Stormwater Utility team showcased their truck and camera used to inspect stormwater pipes. Inside the truck, kids moved the camera themselves to see if they could inspect the stormwater pipes. 


The carpenter, sheet metal, and landscaping teams introduced their trade to Port families with a fun activity of building hanging planter boxes. Using the different tools the shops use for maintenance, the group created their own planter boxes and floral arrangements to bring home.


The electrician shop used Snap Circuit Kits to spark kids’ interest in learning about electricity. Snap Circuit Kits help children create variations of electronically powered projects using conductors, batteries, antennas, and other electronic components.


The sign and plumbing teams helped kids build marshmallow launchers using PVC pipe. They later decorated the launchers with custom-made graphics. The millwrights hosted a “welding” workshop where children used graham crackers and frosting to weld together houses.


Participants enjoyed an epic marshmallow battle using the marshmallow launchers. Marine Maintenance staff loved showing kids what they do every day in a very fun way.


Police department performance

One hundred participants attended the Port of Seattle Police Department (POSPD) events including canine, bomb truck and robot demonstrations; a patrol car; and armored vehicle tours. Children and parents were able to join and tour the airport’s 911 communication center.


The Police Dive Team showed kids what it means to be a professional diver at Bell Harbor Marina. Afterward, the group toured the Port's police boat. Police officers’ favorite part was putting a smile on everyone’s face and spreading joy in the work they do while keeping everyone safe.


With another successful Take Our Kids to Work Day in the books, the Port of Seattle looks forward to next year’s programs for the event. The children left the day with a new perspective on their parent’s work. 

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