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Traffic Advisory: Sea-Tac Airport South Entrance at 182nd St. is Closed for Unscheduled Road Repairs

August 2, 2018

Update: Airport South Entrance at 182nd St. reopened on August 16, 2018


Unscheduled road repairs along a small stretch of the northbound exit roadway is causing the closure of the south entrance at 182nd St at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport and is expected to create additional congestion on the airport drives. Due to the road repairs, travelers are asked to be aware of increased time to travel through the airport drives and are encouraged to use alternative options for pickup and dropoff of passengers.

The upper and lower drives both empty onto the northbound expressway where road repairs have reduced the number of lanes from four to two. This is slowing down traffic exiting the airport and backing up the drives during peak periods. The repairs are expected to last several days. Here are alternatives to use:

  • Use public transportation such as Sound Transit’s Link Light Rail, rideshares, courtesy vehicles or airporters. See more ground transportation options available at Sea-Tac Airport.
  • Pickup or drop off passengers one stop away at the Tukwila or Angle Lake Light Rail stations or use the Sound Transit Passenger Drop-off/pickup location at 176th St. and International Boulevard. For more information visit Sound Transit.
  • Use the airport garage to pick up and drop off to avoid the construction zone. See more about parking at Sea-Tac.
  • For pickups during the evening rush period, Think Opposite – use the upper/Departure drive at night to avoid traffic. See all of our travel tips here. 


Perry Cooper
Sea-Tac Airport
(206) 787-4923

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