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Century Agenda: Strategic Objectives

Like the North Star, the Century Agenda is the directional compass for the Port of Seattle, and a constant amidst change. Introduced in 2012 to mark the 100 year anniversary of the Port, the Commission adopted the Century Agenda to establish the Port’s ambitious vision for the next 25 years. It contains six goals that set the course for the organization and a sound structural framework that helps operating divisions set tactical objectives to keep the Port on track to its destination.

The Port updated its Century Agenda in December 2017 when it added Scope 2 carbon reduction goals to supplement the previous addition of Scope 1 and Scope 3 goals. Since this document update, Commission and Port priorities and strategies have evolved to address urgent needs and opportunities in our community. The Century Agenda was last updated following a public comment period in September 2020.

Goal 1: Position the Puget Sound region as a premier international logistics hub

Objective 1: Meet the Puget Sound region's int'l trade and cargo needs in an efficient and sustainable manner

Objective 2: Support the continued success and competitiveness of the NWSA

Goal 2: Advance this region as a leading tourism destination and business gateway

Objective 3: Continuously improve the operational efficiency and customer experience at SEA

Objective 4: Strengthen the competitiveness of SEA in the regional and global marketplace

Objective 5: Meet the region's air transportation needs by delivering vital facilities and infrastructure in a sustainable and cost-effective manner

Goal 3: Responsibly Invest in the Economic Growth of the Region and all its Communities

Objective 6: Increase career and business opportunities for local communities in all port-related industries

Objective 7: Advance maritime industries through innovation, strategic investment and capable management of Port facilities

Objective 8: Expand the economic, cultural and community benefits of Cruise Operations while preserving industrial lands

Goal 4: Be the greenest and most energy-efficient port in North America

Objective 9: Meet all increased energy needs through conservation and renewable sources

Objective 10: Meet or exceed agency requirements for stormwater leaving Port-owned or operated facilities

Objective 11: Reduce air pollutants and carbon emissions

Objective 12: Restore, create, and enhance 40 additional acres of habitat in the Green/Duwamish habitat

Goal 5: Become a Model for Equity, Diversity and Inclusion

Objective 13: Increase utilization of WMBE and DBE firms and eliminate disparity of access to opportunities

Objective 14: Ensure that all internal and external programs, structures and practices provide equitable opportunities for all

Objective 15: Advance regional workforce development in port-related industries to provide equitable access to quality careers

Goal 6: Be a Highly Effective Public Agency

Objective 16: Advance the Port's dedication to employee engagement, safety, innovation, and financial stewardship

Objective 17: Foster an environment of transparency, accountability, respect, leadership, and fairness to give Port staff the tools to be exceptional public servants

Objective 18: Partner and engage with external stakeholders to build healthy, safe and equitable communities

Objective 19: Set the standard for high-quality, cost-effective, and timely delivery of capital programs

Regional Initiatives

  • Strengthen access to global markets and supply chains for Northwest businesses.
  • Make Washington a preferred destination for international travelers from countries with which we have direct flights.
  • Establish an educational consortium to serve the needs of the maritime industry for workforce development, applied research, and business growth.
  • Foster a coordinated effort among Puget Sound ports in support of Washington state’s pursuit of a healthier Puget Sound.

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