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Disparity Study

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In 2013, the Port of Seattle proactively undertook a disparity study to find out how we were doing as an organization when it came to including minority- and women-owned businesses in Port contracts.

With the Port of Seattle Commission’s authorization, the Port retained BBC Research & Consulting to conduct a study of the Port’s construction and construction-related contracting practices.

The study sought to identify race and gender disparities in the awards of construction-related contracts between January 2010 and September 2013. It compared the amount of money for contracts related to construction projects that actually went to minority- and women-owned business with the amount that would have been expected if such businesses were included at the same rate as they were available in the overall pool of qualified companies.

The Commission heard the results of that study in December 2014, and staff continues to work with broad range of community and business groups to seek additional ideas and input.

What is a disparity study? 


•    Examines participation of minority- and woman-owned businesses in airport concessions
•    Measures the availability of minority- and woman-owned businesses for airport concessions 
•    Assesses marketplace conditions for minorities; women; and minority- and woman-owned businesses

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