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Habitat Mitigation Bank Credits: Terminal 25

Map of Mitigation Bank Project Sites
Mitigation Bank Project Sites

Terminal 25 South is on the southeast bank of the East Waterway (the segment of the Lower Duwamish Waterway east of Harbor Island), north of South Spokane Street and south of the active Terminal 25 container cargo facility, at 2917 East Marginal Way South in Seattle, Washington.

This site has the potential to restore valuable fish and wildlife habitat in a marine-freshwater transition zone. The Terminal 25 South site is expected to provide conservation credits for impacts to special status salmonid species listed under the ESA following certification by NOAA Fisheries, including credits that may support NRD settlements by the Port in the Lower Duwamish Waterway, East Waterway, Harbor Island, and Lockheed West Superfund sites. Any remaining credits generated by the Terminal 25 South site are proposed to be made available through the joint bank once certified by NOAA Fisheries (for conservation credits) and by the Corps, Ecology, and the IRT (for wetland and aquatic resource credits).

The goal of the site is to restore estuarine wetland functions across the site as well as to restore and create riparian habitat and off-channel rearing and refuge habitat for salmonids and other migratory and resident fish and wildlife in the East Waterway. The project would re-establish between 9 and 10 acres of riparian, emergent marsh, mudflat, and subtidal habitat at Terminal 25 South.

Terminal 25 habitat rendering

Contact Information

Kathleen Hurley
Senior Environmental Program Manager


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