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State of the Port 2024: Delivering Opportunity

2023 was an extraordinary year at the Port of Seattle.  Operationally, it was one of the best years in our history.  We set new records for passenger service and new standards for customer service. We expanded opportunities for local businesses that depend on the Port for access to customers.   
2023 was also the beginning of a new chapter. We made critical progress on expanding essential services and protecting our working waterfront for the next generation.  We committed to and launched projects to build the port of the future, with an emphasis on sustainability, opportunity, and economic equity.   

As we tackle the biggest challenges in our economy and environment, here's how you can participate. 

1. Download the State of the Port 2023 Annual Report

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2. Watch the highlights of 2023

3. Review Environmental Accomplishments in 2023 


2023: Forging a Green Future, Step by Innovative Step

2023 wasn't just another year at the Port of Seattle. It was a year of tangible progress, bold innovation, and unwavering commitment to building a more sustainable future for our operations and our region. Our dedicated environment and sustainability teams charted a course to meet ambitious goals, demonstrating that a major port can advance sustainability in the transportation sector. 

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