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Tariff: Moorage Tariff No. 6

Moorage Tariff No. 6

The Moorage Tariff details rates, charges, rules and regulations applying to Bell Harbor Marina, Fishermen's Terminal, Harbor Island Marina, Maritime Industrial Center, Salmon Bay Marina, and Shilshole Bay Marina.

Be advised that the Recreational Boating Tariff Increase memo dated November 27, 2023, from the Port of Seattle Maritime Managing Director, Stephanie Jones Stebbins to Executive Director, Steve Metruck, Resolution 3605 was referred to as the Delegation of Authority from the Executive Director to the Managing Director. Resolution 3810 was passed last Spring by the Port of Seattle Commission, amending Resolution 3605. This was an administrative error in the Resolution quoted. The correct resolution is 3810, and the Redelegation Policy, EX-2A, Part III. E. Content in the memo is otherwise correct as it relates to Delegation of Authority and remain as written.

Bell Harbor Marina

Fishermen's Terminal and Maritime Industrial Center

Harbor Island Marina

Salmon Bay Marina

Shilshole Bay Marina:

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