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Visit Bell Harbor Marina

Welcome guest boaters! Whether you are visiting for fun, food, or city adventure, you can always count on Bell Harbor Marina. 

Top Reasons Boaters Love Bell Harbor Marina

  • Location - Premium location in the heart of Seattle's waterfront -- visit Seattle's ONLY downtown marina
  • Fun - Access to Seattle's best restaurants, waterfront piers, and top tourist attractions
  • Beautiful - Sweeping views of the cityscape and Seattle's famous Great Wheel
  • Safe - 24-hour staff and/or security on-site and locked gates
  • Eco-friendly - Clean Marina & Green Marine Certified, Maritime Recycling and Protect the Orca Programs 
  • Restaurants - With a prime locations on the downtown Seattle waterfront, dozens of restaurant options are within walking distance of Bell Harbor Marina. Three restaurants are located onsite:
    • Anthony's Fish Bar - A quick service restaurants make seafood accessible, no matter what your schedule is.
    • Anthony's Bell Street Diner - The casual dining restaurants boast delicious seafood in a cozy setting.
    • Anthony's Pier 66 - The dinner houses are perfect for a special evening of amazing seafood with breathtaking views.
  • Things to Do - Seattle's walkable waterfront has so much to offer. Check out this interactive map from the Seattle Historic Waterfront Association.
  • Charters, Passenger Vessels, and Sailing Instruction

We look forward to welcoming you soon to the vibrant Bell Harbor Marina.
View our marina map.

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