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People of the Port: Sebastian Hicks


After 23 years in the military, Sebastian Hicks began his journey at the Port as a Harbor Operations Specialist in 2008. As a Harbor Operations Specialist, Sebastian begins each day at Fishermen’s Terminal bright and early in the morning, ensuring the area is safe, secure, and beautified for customers, community members, and visitors alike. Every day looks different and poses new challenges, but one constant is Sebastian’s desire to bring smiles to everyone he can. 

Fishermen’s Terminal is home to Seattle’s commercial fishing fleet, related Maritime businesses and services, and a variety of local restaurants and shops. Open to the public, Fishermen’s sees both familiar and new faces daily. Although business has slowed due to the pandemic, Sebastian and his Port colleagues have continued to show up every day to provide exemplary customer service. With proper Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) and a reduced number of employees on site at any given time, Sebastian is able to perform his duties under safe conditions. 

Twelve years now into his Port career, Sebastian recalls his initial transition from military to civilian life. After over two decades in the military, it wasn’t an easy journey. When he first came to the Port, he was astonished at how large the Port was. He came in with the common assumption that the Port was just large cargo boats, and then learned all about the Port’s full portfolio of operations, including owning and operating Seattle-Tacoma International Airport. Moreover, Sebastian was surprised by the Port’s connection to the local community and its commitment to diversity. As a “people person,” Sebastian has an outgoing personality that enables him to thrive in his role. He enjoys the conversations, laughter, and opportunity to bring joy to those in the local community and new visitors of Fishermen’s Terminal.  

Published Date
Aug 14, 2020
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