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Spotlight: High School Intern Caitlin Sio

Second-year intern explores new possibilities at the Port

By Kulana Hall 

Caitlin Sio is a second-year intern with the Port of Seattle. This summer, she has been interning in the Commission Office where she and another intern are working with Commissioner Calkins to help him develop his idea of building a maritime high school. For this project, she’s been assisting in data collection, through building a focus group and creating surveys to see what youth would and wouldn’t be interested in when it comes to a new school. At first, Caitlin was nervous to work in the Commission Office. She mentioned how working alongside politicians can be intense, later adding that she quickly got used to it. “When I’m frustrated or need clarification, I ask, and they give me the answers I need.” Caitlin is also helping to plan a morale event for the Commission team. “We wanted to put together something fun that would bring them together and help them converse with one another.”

During Caitlin’s internship last summer, she found herself in Human Resources. There, she had a variety of projects keeping her busy. Her tasks included record management, putting together orientation folders for new hires, and assisting in planning different events. Caitlin knew early on that she’d want to return to the Port. “I wanted to come back because of the environment. When you have a great supervisor and manager, your work ethic definitely improves.”

Before graduating this past June, Caitlin had attended Seattle Urban Academy for all four years of high school. In September she’s going to start her freshman year at Seattle Pacific University. Her long-term goals are to obtain a bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice and to be able to support her parents financially.

“A lot of people say graduating high school is their greatest accomplishment, but there is definitely more to come,” says Caitlin. And her preparedness from the skills that she’s gained through her time with the Port definitely has her excited about what more there is to come.

Published Date
Aug 26, 2019
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