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Jobs for Immigrants and Refugees in Port-Related Careers

March 22, 2022

Immigrating to a new country is a challenging and complicated experience, especially when it comes to finding a new job. The Port of Seattle is committed to helping immigrants and refugees find careers at the Port and in port-related industries. To help support job seekers on their journeys, three Port of Seattle and SEA Airport employees share their experiences immigrating to the United States and give advice for newly-arrived immigrants looking for work. 

Ghulam  Mohmand, Lead Pathfinder (Customer Service Representative), SEA Airport 

“Whenever you go to a different country and culture, it’s going to be challenging. Be hopeful. This country has a lot to give. Work hard. Work smart. And you will get where you want to be.”  

Ghulam Mohmand

Mohd Sorush, Supervisor at International Currency Exchange, SEA Airport 

“Moving to a new country is stressful. It’s not easy. This difficulty will pass. You have a bright future.”  

Mohd Sorush

Ilays Aden, External Relations Environmental Program Coordinator, Port of Seattle  

“I wouldn’t have thought to even work at the Port, but all of my travels and places of entering countries was always at a port. How beautiful is it that I can now welcome people?  I can be a resource to say ‘You belong here. We want you to be successful and thrive here.’”

Ilays Aden

Upcoming Job Fairs 

The Port is sponsoring three job fairs for job seekers interested in aviation, maritime, and logistics opportunities. More than 25 employers across Port-related industries are participating in the job fairs.  

Looking for a new career opportunity? Attend one of these upcoming job fairs. 

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