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Safe and Healthy on Shore and Off

May 5, 2020
May 29, 2020 Update: On Saturday, May 30, the Port will reopen parking lots at Jack Block, Terminal 107, and Terminal 105 parks. The information below noting their closure is no longer current. 

Our parks and marinas continue to meet essential community needs because of the staff who stand on the frontline of the pandemic every day. From maintenance and janitorial crews, to landscapers, ecologists, construction crews, and folks who keep our marinas running, I deeply appreciate the professionals who keep our facilities safe and healthy.  

The public also plays a powerful role in supporting community health.  I also want to express my appreciation for our maritime customers, tenants and visitors who continue to maintain critical physicial distancing practices while using Port facilities such as Centennial Park, Shilshole Marina, and Fishermen’s Terminal. This is a challenging time across the globe, but I’m proud of our community’s response and respect for each other’s safety. 

With Governor Inslee’s recent decision to partially re-open some outdoor recreation activities at the state level, the traditional May launch of boating season, and the nicer spring weather, we know that boaters and neighbors alike are ready to shove off their living rooms.  

We ask that customers and neighbors planning to visit a Port facility come prepared.  Be ready to follow public health guidance and respect physical distancing measures.  Visit our facility webpages before you visit so you know exactly which services are open and closed.  

While you remember all the COVID-19 practices, do not forget about water safety.  Many of us feel distracted during this crisis and it can be easy to forget the basics.  

More information is below.    

Port Parks and Waterfront Access Areas

Like our partners at the City of Seattle, we welcome use of our parks in a responsible manner – outdoor activity is a great way of maintaining physical fitness and a great way to relieve stress. Unfortunately, it’s not the time for ball games or picnics – the parks are open for walking, riding and rolling only. 

To encourage folks to stay closer to home, the parking lots of Jack Block Park, T-107 and T-105 remain closed until further notice. Our park public restrooms continue to remain open. 

Jack Block Park


We are working to safely support some recreational boating activity at our marinas. Please note that all marina offices remain closed to public visitors.

We have many that call our marinas home – most prominently, our large liveaboard community at Shilshole Bay Marina (SBM). As customers and visitors make their way to and through those facilities, remember that people live there, so please be extra vigilant in respecting those spaces. In order to provide more opportunity for outdoor enjoyment, A-Pier and X-Dock reopened at SBM the weekend and will be closely monitored by operations staff.  Other details at SBM include:

  • Jibe Espresso opened to walkins and Little Coney are open for take-out orders.
  • The public restroom at the main marina office will remain closed to the public.
  • Public restrooms are open at the north and south ends of the marina (M-1 and M-7).
  • Parking lot will remain closed until Golden Gardens parking lot is open. Two entrances on either side of the main building remain open as well as the entrance at the dry storage area.
  • Parking permits are now being issued curbside. Please contact the marina office for more information.
  • See SBM web page for more details, including facility contact information. 

Shilshole Bay Marina

Over at Fishermen’s Terminal FT), a critical part of our working waterfront, our fishers are working feverishly to prep their vessels for the upcoming season. Customers and visitors should pay close attention to pedestrian traffic, bicycle traffic and trucks moving heavy equipment around the terminal. The Highliner and Little Chinook’s are open for take-out orders and Arya Green Market remains open as well. Additional details on FT and neighboring Salmon Bay Marina include:

  • For FT: Public restrooms at the C-15 Building will remain open to the public.
    • Access Codes for Day Room Facilities and designated exterior restrooms (M-2 and M-4) can be acquired by emailing or calling 206-787-3395.  
    • After-Hour, please contact the 24/7 Operations number. 
  • For Salmon Bay Marina: Restrooms access is limited to customers and will remain open to customers only. 
  • FT Parking: All parking lot remain open available for customer, tenant and visitor use.  Please observe the parking limits identified in each parking area. 
  • Salmon Bay Parking: Parking is limited to tenants of Salmon Bay (with permits) and staff and Customers of Cascade Adventures.  Guests are encouraged to use parking stalls adjacent to the entrance and exit (located on the southeast side of the office building). 
  • See FT and Salmon Bay Marina web pages for more details, including facility contact information.

We continue to follow physical distancing measures at all our marinas.  See Harbor Island Marina and Bell Harbor Marina web pages for more details, as well as facility contact information. We ask that customers and visitors pay close attention to pedestrian traffic. Our continued guidance includes:

  • Do not crowd along the walkways.
  • Wait for parties to walk up/down ramps before proceeding.
  • Walk in designated areas.
  • Do not gather in groups. Picnic tables and benches are closed.
  • Keep it moving. Walkways are for walking, running and passing through.
  • Stay at least 6 feet from other people.

Check the individual web pages for each facility for more information. This continues to be a very dynamic time. We are working closely with public health officials on the right protocols at the right time to ‘flatten the curve” and protect our community when services fully open again. 

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