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Stephanie Jones Stebbins

Managing Director, Maritime | Leadership Team

Managing Director, Maritime

Veteran policy and planning leader

Stephanie Jones Stebbins is a seasoned leader with extensive experience in developing innovative business approaches to create financial success and community and environmental sustainability. Jones Stebbins spent three years in the Peace Corps and overseas consulting prior to joining the Port. In the role of Managing Director of Maritime, Jones Stebbins is responsible for directing the strategic and daily operations of Cruise Operations, Fishing and Commercial Operations, Grain, Recreational Boating, Industrial Properties and Marine Maintenance. As a Port of Seattle employee for more than nineteen years, Jones Stebbins has deep policy and planning experience that has led to very positive and innovative outcomes for the Port, while also handling operational projects.

Skilled leader of strategic teams

Jones Stebbins has a successful track record of leading large teams to accomplish Port business and company goals. She has led the creation of two lines of business in the Environmental department, Stormwater Utility and Habitat, both generating revenue for the Port. She also led the strategic planning efforts to develop a vision and long-term plan for Fishermen’s Terminal. Jones Stebbins is an experienced leader of diverse teams. Skilled in project management and planning, Jones Stebbins delivered the completion of operations plan for Pier 66, the Port’s first Cruise Terminal, which included complex negotiations with permitting agencies, organized labor and other parties to develop a working operations plan. Commitment to achieving Port goals and community engagement Jones Stebbins is dedicated to the Port’s mission and goals and is a proven innovator and change leader. She has a strong interest in community engagement. Jones Stebbins has served on several boards and committees and is an award recipient of the Port of Seattle Women’s Outstanding Achievement Award.

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