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January 3, 2020

How one couple used SEA Visitor Pass to create an unforgettable moment

Zac Cohn and Lauryl Zenobi are always looking for ways to surprise each other. 

The creative couple have been dating since 2014 and are engaged to be married on March 28, 2020.

Zenobi planned a “battle of the boats” party for Cohn’s 30th birthday — a real life Mario Cart-inspired event where guests attempted to knock down each other’s remote-control boats. For Valentine’s Day, Zenobi organized a scavenger hunt around Seattle. Earlier this year when Zac came across a tweet about the airport’s SEA Visitor Pass pilot program in 2018, he saw his next opportunity to do something unique.

Zac Cohn and Lauryl Zenobi love to surprise each other.

With SEA Visitor Pass, you can now enter the post-security side of the airport even if you're not traveling that day.

As he read more about the SEA Visitor Pass Program, he decided it was a cool opportunity to do something unexpected.

“I thought it would be fun to show up at the gate and confuse Lauryl,” he said.

Conveniently, Zenobi happened to be traveling at the time, so Cohn wasted no time moving forward with his plan. He quickly filled out the online application and was approved. On the day he planned to meet Zenobi at the gate, Cohn planned out every detail. He began the day by stopping by Pike Place Market to pick up some flowers, then hopped on the Link light rail, and headed to the airport bright and early.

“I got to the airport super early since I wasn’t sure what it would be like,” he said. He picked up his pass and made his way through security with a couple hours to spare, giving him some time to explore the airport without the pressure of making a flight.

Cohn found Zenobi’s gate and got ready to greet her with flowers in hand. As her flight deplaned he watched travelers come through the gate, until he saw Zenobi walk into the terminal. 

Zac Cohn used Sea Visitor Pass to meet Lauryl Zenobi at the gate.

“She was looking straight ahead — I held the flowers up and smiled at her,” Cohn said, ready for his big romantic gesture.

“Then she walked right past me and didn’t even see me,” he said.

When Cohn got Zenobi’s attention, she was surprised and excited to see him there.

“It took me a second to connect the dots,” she said. “I had actually read about the SEA Visitor Pass Program that day and was actually thinking of doing the same thing for Zac since I knew he was traveling in the near future. I was mad that he beat me to it.”

Zenobi said seeing Cohn there was still surreal.

“It was a really interesting experience to be able to walk out of the airport with someone you didn’t travel with,” she said.

Zac Cohn and Lauryl Zenobi stroll through the airport.

Zac and Lauryl’s Sea Visitor Pass tip

Want to plan your own SEA Visitor Pass moment? How about an airport scavenger hunt or an airport birthday party? Without the pressure of an upcoming flight, head to the airport and take the time to explore some of SEA’s treasures. Watch aircraft take off. Plan your own art walk and explore the airport’s diverse collection of contemporary public art. Pause for a beat and listen to the soothing sounds of some talented Pacific Northwest musicians.

What would you do?
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Apply now. And share your SEA Visitor Pass moment or ideas on what to do at #SEAVisitorPass

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