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Oliver Lindseth — Information and Communications Technology Intern

ICT Intern finds project-based position at the Port of Seattle

Stepping into the Information and Communications Technology (ICT) Department at Pier 69 you may find yourself greeted by an intern with a superb smile and a friendly demeanor.

His name is Oliver Lindseth, and he is one of 11 interns for the ICT High School Internship program. Lindseth will be a senior at Roosevelt High School in Seattle.

“I like the opportunity [Port of Seattle has] given to me and all the support,” Lindseth said.

The ICT High School internship program is supervised by Content Services Manager Amberine Wilson. Wilson’s goal is to give local youth the opportunity to gain work experience in business analysis, project management, and SharePoint solution development. The project-based learning program gives interns access to real business problems in which they design and deploy solutions.

“[Wilson has] facilitated this entire thing for us,” Lindseth said. “Without her we wouldn’t have this opportunity.”

This summer, the Port of Seattle is offering over a 100 summer internship positions in different department for young students. Lindseth received his opportunity as an intern for the ICT High School internship program through Seattle Youth Employment Program. Seattle mayor Ed Murray funded the program’s initiative to get more students job opportunities during the summer as well as throughout the year.

The Port of Seattle is striving to get its interns first-hand experience in tech jobs and hopes to prepare for the next wave of working class citizens in those career fields. Seattle is fortunate enough to have several tech industry companies searching for workers that can fill up job positions in the field. Through the ICT High School internship program 11 interns are prepared for the future; where technology experience will be essential.

“I just want to be the best I can be and have all the experiences I can have,” Lindseth said.

Published Date
Feb 15, 2018
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