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Internal Audit Vision - Mission

Vision Statement

We are a highly capable, independent function which is relied upon by the Port of Seattle’s Audit Committee and Executive Director to:

  • Provide Controls Assurance and Advisory Services
  • Be a catalyst for positive change Improve the Port’s ability to respond to risks

Mission Statement

We conduct independent, objective, risk‐based audits of the Port’s operations, activities and vendors. Our audits add value by helping the Port’s mission, and result in: 

Financial Stewardship - Safeguarding of public resources through detection and deterrence of fraud, waste, and abuse.

Accountability - Complying with laws and regulations; meeting strategic and operational performance goals.

Transparency - Clear and accurate information provided to our stakeholders and to the public.

Governance - Stronger oversight and enhanced decision making.

Operational Excellence - Enhanced efficiency and effectiveness of management practices.

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