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Internal Audit Workplan

2024 Approved Audit Plan 

  (Updated, January 3, 2024)   View PDF

Limited Contract Compliance

  • Stellar Bambuza SEA LLC
  • Seattle Food Partners LLC
  • 1915 KCHouse Concepts-SEATAC LLC
  • Pallino SeaTac LLC


  • Fire Department - PFAS Use, Storage, and Phase-out
  • Time Approval Controls
  • Delegation of Authority
  • Equity Policy Directive
  • Utility Management-Port-wide


  • Concourse A Building Expansion for Lounges/Delta TRA1
  • T-117 Sites 23-35 Restoration Project GC/CM Closeout
  • TSE-Phase 2 Bollards and ADA Ramps
  • Parking Garage Elevator Modernization

Information Technology

  • Application Software Security
  • Network Infrastructure Management (ICT)
  • TSA Cybersecurity2

1.  This audit was started in the Fourth Quarter of 2023 and will be presented at the 2024 First Quarter Audit Committee meeting.
2.  TSA is in the process of mandating audits. These will be required in 2024.


Contingency Audits

Limited Contract Compliance 
BF Foods LLC
Seattle Chocolates Company LLC
Republic Parking Northwest Inc
Gate Gourmet International

Resource Management
Third Party Code of Conduct Compliance Program

2023 Airfield Projects-Contract 2

Information Technology
Penetration Testing (ICT)
Penetration Testing (Aviation Maintenance)

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