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Land Stewardship Plan and Tree Replacement Standards

In July 2023, the Port adopted Land Stewardship Principles across Port programs and for all land uses. These principles establish value statements and guidance for decision-making when it comes to land management. In turn, the Port developed two key strategies based on the principles:

  • Land Stewardship Plan (LSP): guides forest health and habitat connectivity enhancements, integrates capital project development, and prioritizes actions in accordance with Port’s equity index and community engagement priorities. (Read the final version of the LSP adopted in 2024). 
  • Tree Replacement Standards: formalizes requirements to replace trees that are cleared for operational safety and development needs at SEA Airport.

Plan and presentation 

The Land Stewardship Plan applies to all SEA Airport property. The Tree Replacement Standards apply to SEA Airport property not under city jurisdictions.  Port-owned property outside of airport building department jurisdiction is subject to tree replacement standards established by local jurisdictions in which the properties are located.  

Note: These plans do not apply to North SeaTac Park. The park is leased property, maintained by the City of SeaTac, and there is no change in status of any aspect of the park based on these proposed policies.  

Learn more:

Watch the webinar below. The Port answered as many questions as possible during the webinar. Remaining topics will be covered in a follow-up document to be published mid-November.

Share your feedback

We want to hear from you! Send any questions or comments about the Land Stewardship Plan or Tree Replacement Standards to by Friday, January 5, 2024.

The Port Commission's first reading of the Land Stewardship Plan and SEA Tree Replacement Standards resolution will be in March 2024. Stay tuned for specific dates.


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