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SEA Passenger Recycling Guidance

SEA Waste Diversion Goals

SEA’s Waste Reduction and Recycling Program strives to maximize the diversion of recoverable materials from landfills while maintaining compliance with applicable federal, state, and local waste regulations. Our 2020 waste reduction goals are:

  • Divert 60% our terminal waste from landfills

  • Divert 15% of our airfield waste from landfills

  • Divert 90% of our construction project waste from landfills

How Passengers Can Help Prevent Waste

Passengers can help SEA reach its waste reduction goals. Small steps like using a reusable water bottle, using digital boarding passes, and properly sorting trash can divert waste from landfills and reduce the amount of trash generated at the airport. For more green travel tips explore the options below and visit our sustainable travel guide. 

Refill Your Water Bottle

Learn more about our water refill stations, and find the one closest to you on the interactive SEA map!


Sorting Your Recyclables, Compost, and Trash

Woman using waste sort bins in the terminal

Passengers will find recycling bins conveniently located throughout the airport to help properly sort  recoverable materials and reduce waste to landfill. 

Dispose of clean, dry, and empty bottles and cans, cups, lids larger than 3", cardboard, paper, and cartons in Recycling bins.


Dispose of food waste, food-soiled paper products, packaging labeled as compostable in the Food + Compostables bin.


Dispose of foil, plastic wrap, food wrappers, straws, and plastic cutlery in the Trash bin.

Clean, Dry, and Empty. Waste with water or mold can contaminate and ruin an entire load of recyclables. Wet or food-soiled paper should go into the compost.                                                                                       
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