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SKCCIF Economic Recovery - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The Port of Seattle established the South King County Community Impact Fund (SKCCIF) to develop equity-based partnerships and provide resources and support in historically underserved near-airport communities. The fund will award $10 million between 2019 and 2023 to address noise mitigation, environmental health and sustainability in these ethnically and culturally diverse communities. 

Below are frequently asked questions associated with the SKCCIF Economic Recovery Program. 

How do I apply?

The procurement process consists of two steps –  Step 1: program eligibility determination and Step 2: request for proposals. Respondents deemed eligible for SKCCIF funding through Step 1 will be invited to participate in Step 2. 

To complete Step 1:

  • Go to VendorConnect and register by creating a login and basic profile.** 
  • Join as a Vendor. You must complete, at minimum, the two required fields -- “business name” and “owner ethnicity”.  
  • In “Current and Past Solicitations”, locate “South King County Community Impact Fund (SKCCIF) Economic Recovery - Cycle 4”.
  • From the Overview page, select the “Become a Plan Holder” option.  You must complete, at minimum, the two required fields -- “business name” and “owner ethnicity”. 
  • Next, navigate to the "Documents" tab and download the “Solicitation 00321547 (Step 1 Project Eligibility Determination)” document.
  • Then, review Section VII. Program Eligibility Determination Submittal Process and Section X. Program Eligibility Determination Criteria for instructions on how to submit a response.

**You are not required to register in VendorConnect in order to apply for funding. All proposals and applicable documents must be submitted via email to

What are Port-related industries?

Port-related industries are aviation, maritime, construction trades, and green jobs/career industries. For more information about Port-related industries, please review Exhibit 1 Port-Related Industries Description of the Step 1 solicitation document.

If I have questions, who should I contact?

Please register and become a Plan Holder at VendorConnect to ask a question or get updates.

  1. Please see the instructions above to register in VendorConnect (or view the VendorConnect External User Guide).
  2. Join as a new vendor.
  3. Find the SKCCIF Economic Recovery - Cycle 4 solicitation (see the question “How do I apply” for more information).
  4. From the solicitation Overview page, select the "Become a Plan Holder" button.
  5. When you are a Plan Holder, you may ask questions on the solicitation Overview page by selecting the "Ask Question" button.
  6. Responses to questions will be posted in the Documents tab and titled: “Question and Answer Publication #1”, “Question and Answer Publication #2” (the following week), and so on. These responses will also be posted on the South King County Community Impact Fund Economic Recovery webpage.

Or, ask your question during an Information and Question & Answer session. The time and dates for these sessions can be found in the solicitation and on the VendorConnect “Events” tab for this solicitation. 

How do I attend a technical assistance session?

For the technical sessions, registration is not required. To participate, go to VendorConnect, identify the date/time of the session you would like to attend, and click on the appropriate date and time of the session you wish to attend. 

Do I have to be a nonprofit organization to apply?

Yes, your organization must be a 501(c)(3) or 501(c)6  to be eligible for funding. 

How much money can I request?

The programs awarded under SKCCIF Economic Recovery (Cycle 4) may be funded as follows: 

  • If awarded a contract for one year, the funding will range from $20,000 to $100,000. 
  • If awarded a multi-year contract for up to three years, the funding will range from $60,000 to $250,000.
Can I submit my proposal in a language other than English?

No.  All written proposal materials must be submitted in English. However, you may use your preferred language when you have your discussion with the Evaluation Team. We will be happy to provide an interpreter with one (1) week of advanced notice.

Do I have to participate in a discussion with the Evaluation Team?

Yes. Those Respondents participating in Step 2 will be invited to talk in-person with the Evaluation Team about your project. These conversations are in addition to — and not in place of – written proposals. Presentations will be conducted in English, and interpreters will be provided upon request. We will contact you with scheduling options.

How do I ask for an interpreter for my discussion with the Evaluation Team?

If you would like an interpreter for your discussion with the Evaluation Team, please let us know in the Step 2 proposal form. We will contact you with scheduling options.

How long should my proposal be?

For Step 1, Respondents must submit a maximum of two (2)-page response. If deemed eligible to participate in Step 2, your proposal may be up to 14 pages.

Are funds for general operating expenses or for projects?

Funds will be awarded for project-related expenses, not for general operating expenses.

Will you fund existing projects?

Yes, existing projects are eligible for funding. But funding will only cover activities that occur after the awarded contract has been executed. 

If we receive a contract, how often will we need to submit a report?

Depending on your contract duration, you will be asked to provide monthly progress reports and submit a final annual (end-of-year) report.

When will I receive the funds?

Compensation is based on a firm-fixed-price (lump sum) reimbursement schedule, in accordance with the mutually agreed upon milestone payment schedule in Attachment B of the Agreement. Fifty percent (50%) of the annual funding will be reimbursed monthly for milestones satisfactorily completed and reported to the Port Project Manager. This consists of twenty-five percent (25%) within 30 days of execution of the contract and twenty-five percent (25%) upon submission and approval of the annual report. 

Can funds pay for staff time?

Yes, funds may be used for staff time, direct expenses, or sub-partners working on the project.

Can a subcontractor be utilized to do the work?

Yes. Organizations may subcontract a portion of the scope of work to one or more subcontractors. However, no more than 25% of the total project budget may be allocated to a for-profit subcontractor(s).

Can this funding support purchasing equipment and up to how much?

No. Projects that do not directly support PORT-related industries (aviation, maritime, construction trades, green jobs/green careers) in all aspects of the project will not be eligible for award. 

Wraparound Services are defined as services and support systems including, but not limited to, public transportation assistance, work-related clothing, tools, and work-related food assistance as they relate to work needs, and as allowable by law, regulations, and funding sources that promote access and stronger alignment of workforce, education, vocational rehabilitation, and other human services systems. 

Where can I find a list of definitions (e.g., wrap around services, port related industries)?

Please see Section XI. Definitions and Exhibit 1 Port-Related Industries Description within the Step 1 solicitation located on VendorConnect. 

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