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Bigger, Bolder, and Better: SEA Airport Lost & Found

February 8, 2021

It’s the worst moment ever …  despite your mental reminder, you’ve boarded the plane for your essential trip to the cold East Coast, but your gloves are not where you need them. They're staying in Seattle under your seat in the boarding area.  

The Lost & Found return rate is 89.6 percent!

Have no fear, the small but mighty team of eight at SEA Airport Lost & Found will do all that they can to find and return your lost property. In 2020 alone, the team recovered 12,962 items with an overall return rate of 89.6 percent! And we’re now upgrading to new space so you don’t get lost on the way to Lost and Found and so we can provide you with better service.   

The SEA Airport Lost & Found office will help you find items you lost at SEA Airport  

Bigger and better 

The new location has doubled in size from 900 square feet to 1800 square feet with more dedicated space for sorting lost items, including motorized mobile shelving, which is more efficient and increases storage capacity. The bright and bold colors and signage will tell you you’re in the right place, and so are your lost items. With the increased number of customer service windows (from one to three), the Lost & Found team will help you reunite with your things much more efficiently.  

The next time you’re at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport, stop by and see the new Airport Lost & Found located on the Baggage Claim level across from Carousel 13!  

Lost and Found facts and tips 

  • 8,734 of those 12,962 items that were lost were recovered from TSA security checkpoints. Check carefully when you exit the checkpoint to make sure you have everything you need before moving on to the rest of the terminal 
  • The top five recovered items are electronics, driver's licenses, clothes, luggage and suitcases, and jewelry. Pro tip: Consider keeping a photo of your travel essentials in your phone as a quick visual reference that you have not left anything behind! 
  • In 2020, Lost & Found inventory totaled 856 tablets, 855 laptops, and 551 cell phones. Pro tip: Activate your location on your device to help track its location if misplaced!
  • No matter where you call home, our Lost and Found team will coordinate getting your things back to you. Outside the U.S., lost items are most often shipped to Canada, Korea, and Australia

SEA Airport Lost and Found


Reunited and it feels so good 

I'd just like to tell you how pleased I was with the service I received from one of your lost-and-found employees. I think his name was Tony, but I could easily be mistaken. He was very courteous and helpful which is extremely important especially when you're dealing with a lost personal item. In my case, it happened to be my driver's license. It took a while for it to be found as I had already replaced it, but I was happy to get it back. Thanks for the great customer service!
— Jon, 12/30/2020 
I wanted to share my personal experience with working with Alma from the Seattle Airport Lost & Found. I had forgotten my laptop at security and was given the Seattle Lost & Found number to call for possible recovery. I talked with Alma a number of times, and she was always very helpful and patient in explaining the steps for submitting a report and getting status updates. She was able to locate the laptop, verify my information to confirm my ownership, and direct me further to have it shipped. I have received the laptop today, and I am grateful for Alma's help and care. 
 — Carmen, 12/16/2020 
I just wanted to say thank you for the Lost and Found Team for helping me get back my Driver’s License at TSA checkpoint 15 Oct!!! Great job — very professional and timely. 
— James, 10/27/2020 
J. Rideout went above and beyond to help me locate my lost purse! He was so helpful and kind! Everyone in the Alaska Customer Service was so helpful too! After contacting Lost and Found the next day, I learned they did have my purse and all its contents! All I can say is that everyone I talked to ... was very helpful and my purse was home in two days! Thank you!!!!!!!!!!  
— Debra, 10/11/2020 


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