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Haynes Family Takes on the World from SEA

January 3, 2023

Although you haven’t been formally introduced, chances are you’ve seen this jetsetting family of five on social media leaving from Seattle-Tacoma International Airport (SEA) on yet another fabulous experience.  

Meet the Haynes family from Tacoma, a family of lifestyle and travel content creators who call SEA their home base. The reality is that these seasoned travelers — including the kids — have probably traveled more than any of us. They love to explore as a family and have more than 10 countries under their collective travel belts. Wisdom took her first flight at three months old, Courage at six weeks. Glory explored the world at two months old!

Photo copyright: Haynes family

Tash — Mom, writer, photographer, and content creator

Isaiah — Dad, full-time photographer and YouTuber 

Wisdom, age 10
Courage, age 3
Glory, age 1 

Photo copyright: Haynes family

This family of explorers shares their travel tips to make your visit to Seattle-Tacoma International Airport (SEA) easy and fun.

SEA: What does your family love about traveling?  

TH: We love culture and history and being immersed in the culture and history of a country, community, or place. So when we travel, we like to be with and among the people and learn about the way they eat, live and their stories.  As storytellers, it’s important for us to tell the story as much as it is to create our story in the setting. 

As a parent, I like how it teaches my kids flexibility, problem-solving, and critical thinking. It expands their minds and keeps them occupied and challenged. There’s a new adventure around every corner and our experience is defined by how we arrive and take that adventure on. 

Although it can be challenging traveling with three littles, I wouldn't change it for the world. It’s the best education I could have given them. 


Wisdom and I traveled from SEA to Vancouver International Airport (YVR) for a mommy and me weekend. We had a great trip!

SEA: Tell us your story. Especially how you started as an influencer and what you love about it. 

TH:  I grew up and aged out of foster care so it was important for me to have a career helping and advancing the "underdog" and showing what was possible if you worked hard, built community, and believed in yourself. That’s why I got into Youth Development work and did that from 2000-2010. In 2010 I quit my job in nonprofit to pursue photography full time.

Isaiah and I spent 15 years building a successful photography business shooting families, high school seniors, weddings, and engagements; raising our three daughters; and giving back to our community. After a near death experience, I started travelling more and launched a blog/diary for my daughters to share our adventures.  During the pandemic, we weren't able to work face-to-face with clients for photography, so I started focusing more on blogging. One thing led to another and here we are four years later!

I’m passionate about inspiring and equipping women with knowledge through beautiful imagery and creative storytelling. My goal is to help other women take a leap to reach their dreams, because I believe we can (mostly) have it all.

SEA: What do you like about having SEA as your home airport?

I love everything about SEA but it's a great fit for my family because it is convenient, centrally located to where I live in Tacoma, and there are such great restaurants and amenities. It’s such a fun airport to be at and travel out of — truly a destination of its own with so much to explore. 

Watch the reel

A lot of times you think of an airport as just a place you just pass through. But at SEA, it’s a fun part of your adventure. There are so many really great shops. You can come to these cool places and have an experience. You get to support small and local businesses. And you get to taste the things that make this area so special. 

SEA: What’s your SEA Airport routine ? 

1.    Pack light

I try to travel minimally, mindfully and with as little baggage as possible.  If you don't use it at home, you won't use it when you travel. Less is more. The only time when this rule does not apply is when traveling internationally.  Often countries carry different brands or products to deal with different things — and having something familiar is always nice.  That is the only time this rule is to be broken IMHO.

Photo copyright: Haynes family 

2.    Download the FlySEA App 

I want to know before I go — checkpoint wait times, the restaurants and water filling stations near our gate, how to order food delivery to the gate. And it’s all there on the FlySEA App. 

3.    Get to the airport early

We make sure we’re at the airport a solid 2.5 hours before takeoff so we have enough time to do what needs to be done without rushing. Believe me it’s not always easy with three littles, but this tends to make travel seamless for us. 

4.    Establish a routine

Every airport visit, we have a strict routine after coming through security. Everyone knows in advance this is what we’re doing so it takes the last-minute rush out of everything: 

  • stopping to buy snacks 
  • filling up our bellies before flights 
  • and using the bathroom 

5.    Keep ‘em moving

Photo copyright: Haynes family
Photo copyright: Haynes family

  • Explore the airport, roam the terminal, and get out the wiggles
  • Make a stop at the children’s play area
  • We stay off electronics until we’re in the air and try to utilize the playground of fun restaurants to pass the time. That generally works really well for us and keeps them from getting bored too early   

6.    The gift of surprise

Before the trip, I head to the Dollar Store and buy one small toy per child for every 30 minutes of the flight. Small things like window clings, coloring books, or water bottles filled with glitter and sequins are amazing entertainment. If the flight is two hours, buy four toys; if it’s five hours, purchase 10 small gifts. Wrap them up and give your kids a new toy to open every 30 minutes. Or rotate through activities you brought with you throughout the flight. 

Photo copyright: Haynes family 

Watch their Instagram reels on travel tips at SEA:

Follow the Haynes family on Instagram. And download the FlySEA app

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