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SEA Spot Saver

Due to summer travel, please be mindful that SEA Spot Saver appointments fill up quickly and may have limited availability.

Please confirm your flight information as you get closer to your day of travel. Airlines may change flight numbers or flight times, and you will want to reschedule your Spot Saver time

SEA Spot Saver LogoSkip the Security Line from 4:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.

Your time while traveling is important, SEA Spot Saver can help! Experience expedited screening without a membership and all contact-free. Passengers flying out of Seattle can schedule your appointment for screening beforehand or when you’re at the terminal! Reservations and same day appointments are available for departing and general screening passengers daily. Love SEA Spot Saver? See other participating airports!

How it works:

  1. Sign up in advance up to five days before your flight or when you arrive to the airport at the ticketing level of the terminal!
  2. Select the airline you're flying with, destination, and flight number along with the number of people in your party and contact information to save your spot.
  3. Once you’re at the airport, do whatever you need or want to do in the meantime! Check your bags, grab some coffee, spend more time with loved ones, or just walk up at your appointment time!
  4. Go to your assigned checkpoint and look for the SEA Spot Saver logo or use our interactive map for step-by-step directions. SEA Spot Saver is available at TSA Checkpoints 3 and 5 (closest to the C, D, and N Gates) and TSA Checkpoint 2 (Closest to the A, B and S Gates.)
  5. Show airport staff your confirmation of your appointment and go through screening!


Save your spot button

What times can I use SEA Spot Saver?

SEA Spot Saver is available daily from 4 a.m. to 10 p.m. at Checkpoints 2, 3, and 5 for departing flights. Appointments are available from 240 to 60 minutes before departure. Slots are limited and may book up fast so we recommend booking up to five days before your flight.

How do I use SEA Spot Saver?
  1. Schedule your appointment up to 5 days before your scheduled departure OR sign up at the airport by scanning the QR code on SEA Spot Saver signs throughout the airport
  2. You'll receive a QR code that you can use when you arrive at your scheduled time. Check your email for a copy that you can return to later!
  3. Head to your assigned checkpoint (2, 3, or 5) at your scheduled appointment time! We'll screen you from there. You can use our interactive map for step-by-step directions and go through screening.
What is SEA Spot Saver? How does it work?

SEA Spot Saver is an appointment system for security screening! How it works is that it has its own dedicated lane at the TSA Checkpoints so when there's a steady flow of appointments we can better manage queue lengths and wait times! All you need to do is reserve your time and show up at your assigned checkpoint at your appointment time and you can head right on in!

Which airlines and security checkpoints are participating in SEA Spot Saver?

SEA Spot Saver includes advanced reservations and onsite appointments at TSA Checkpoints 2, 3, and 5 for all departing passengers from 4 a.m. and 10 p.m. on any airline. Certain checkpoints are available depending on which is the closest to your airline. You can get step-by-step directions to your selected checkpoint with our interactive map!

Security Checkpoint Map


I'm connecting at SEA, do I need to use Spot Saver?

SEA Spot Saver is optional for departing passengers. Connecting passengers do not have to use it as SEA is only one terminal and screening is not required unless a passenger leaves the secure side of the airport and has to re-enter TSA Screening.

Can I use SEA Spot Saver if I have TSA PreCheck or CLEAR?

SEA Spot Saver is only available to general screening passengers to help provide a better screening experience for those without a trusted traveler program and create efficiency where we have the highest demand.

All TSA PreCheck passengers should be screened at TSA Checkpoints 1 or 4 in order to still use their PreCheck benefits such as not having to remove their shoes and electronics. All CLEAR customers can go to their dedicated lane at each security checkpoint as well to have their expedited experience. Members of expedited programs can still use SEA Spot Saver if they want to, but they will not be able to use the same benefits and will follow general screening practices. If the pilot program is successful, we hope to include trusted traveler programs in the future!

Is SEA Spot Saver free?

Yes, it’s completely free for all passengers! There is no account or membership required to use SEA Spot Saver at all participating Checkpoints.

I want to sign up for SEA Spot Saver, but the appointment times are unavailable, what do I do?

SEA Spot Saver has limited appointments available and we're seeing time slots from 5 a.m. to 8 a.m. fill up pretty quickly and be "sold out" due to high passenger volumes and demand, we recommend trying to reserve your time as early as possible, reservations can be made up to five days before your flight. Slots are available 240 to 60 minutes before the scheduled flight time since we want to assure that customers still have time to arrive well before boarding and that also limits options by flight.

We also have SEA Spot Saver available at other checkpoint for on-site sign ups for all airline passengers as well as our normal general screening and checkpoints open! We're really sorry about the limited times available and working to improve.

I didn’t make an appointment in advance; can I still use SEA Spot Saver?

Yes! When you arrive at the airport, you will see SEA Spot Saver signs with a QR code on your smartphone which you can scan and set up an appointment or you can book here for the next available appointment slot or you can use this sign up at the terminal.

What’s the grace period for my Spot Saver appointment?

You can still make it! We offer a grace period of 15 minutes per appointment time, so you may arrive any time during the 15-minute appointment window and enter the line. If you arrive more than 15 minutes past your appointment time, it would be best to reschedule your appointment (based on availability), or you may enter through the regular queue lanes.

I’m traveling as part of a group; can we book a Spot Saver appointment together?

Yes! Passengers traveling with a group may book on behalf of the other passengers in their traveling party by specifying the total party size in the booking process. The maximum group size eligible to enter under one appointment is 10 passengers.

What information is required to book a SEA Spot Saver appointment?

There is no account registration or login required! Passengers utilizing the service will be asked to select the date of departure, destination airport, airline, flight number and party size. Lastly, they will be asked to provide an email to receive the appointment confirmation with the QR code as an attachment.

Can I cancel or change my Spot Saver appointment?

Yes! After you’ve made your initial appointment you will be able to access the confirmation email which contains a button to cancel or reschedule your appointment.

I didn't get a confirmation email for my SEA Spot Saver appointment, what do I do?

When signing up make sure that your email is typed correctly and to check your inbox's junk or spam folders just in case! If you're still unable to find your appointment information after registering you can sign up again for another appointment.

Help! I'm not seeing my flight as an option on SEA Spot Saver

Make sure to check that the time, date, airline, flight number are all correct when signing up for your appointment. SEA Spot Saver is available daily from 4 a.m. to 10 p.m. at Checkpoints 2, 3, and 5 for departing flights . Appointments are available from 240 to 60 minutes before departure. Slots are limited and may book up fast so we recommend booking up to 5 days before your flight. At this time, flights outside of these hours are currently unavailable for booking.

How can I provide feedback on SEA Spot Saver?

Let us know what you thought about SEA Spot Saver!

Share your experience with our SEA Airport Customer Care team! Have this information ready so we can best assist you:

•    Date and time of travel
•    Flight details such as airline and flight number
•    Location in the terminal

How to use an E-Gate for SEA Spot Saver

Passengers at TSA Checkpoint 5 using SEA Spot Saver can now scan their QR code from their reservation on the E-Gate at the security checkpoint and enter the queue. 

  1.  Sign up for SEA Spot Saver to get your QR Code
  2. Once you’re at the airport go to your assigned TSA Checkpoint and SEA Spot Saver Lane
  3. Grab the QR code and tap it on the scanner to the right, once it’s green you’re good to go!
  4. Have a great flight!

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