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A Healthy New Year Here, There, and Everywhere

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January 2, 2019

It’s that time of year again. Time to reset. The whirlwind of holiday shopping, hectic travel, celebratory get-togethers, and seemingly endless supply of fudge, candy canes, and cookies is finally behind you and you’re looking into 2019 with fresh eyes and new resolve. Maybe you made a New Year’s Resolution that revolves around a more healthy, mindful lifestyle. If you have a vacation or business trip coming up, the good news is you can still make healthy choices while you’re on the go. Check out our tips for sticking to your resolution and starting your travels off on the right foot. Here’s to your health here, there, and everywhere.

Here (Sea-Tac Airport)

1.     Get your steps in

Have some extra time before your flight? Why not stroll through the terminal while checking out some of Sea-Tac’s unique art. Our art collection features contemporary work in glass, sculpture, photography, painting and sound. The region's diversity is well-represented through European, all-American, Asian, Northwest Native American and folk-art influences. 

Download the Stqry app and get a guided tour of our art collection. Search by concourse or terminal or look up individual pieces from the contemporary collection of glass, sculpture, photography, painting, and sound. The app can also be used at other local museums and historical sites.

The full length of the art walk is 1/2 mile (one way) or 1,000 steps starting at “In Landing” located in the Central Terminal near Starbucks, and ending at “I Was Dreaming of Spirit Animals” at gate A-14. So, doing the circuit both ways will get you on your way to your step count for the day.

Artwork at the airport

2.     Food is fuel

Eating healthy on the run can be a challenge, and healthy airport dining options are limited in many airports. Whether you’re giving the Whole30 a whirl, looking for vegan or vegetarian options, or just trying to add a few more veggies to your life, you’ve got options at Sea-Tac Airport. 

Grab a salad. Many of our dining establishments have salads on the menu. Load up on veggies with the NW Cous Cous Salad or Zingy Cucumber Salad at Dish D’lish. Or DIY it. Skip the rice, tortillas, and chips at Qdoba, and make a taco salad. Pick your favorite protein and add veggies and salsa (guacamole optional) into the mix.

Go veg. If you’re a vegetarian, vegan, or just looking for something a little lighter, Sea-Tac happens to have Floret, the first full-service vegetarian restaurant at an airport in the country. With its inventive menu and Instagrammable décor, eating healthy never felt so hip. Try the avocado toast, Floret rice bowl, or the PNW quesadilla. The grab and go also includes an assortment of pastries and quick options. Order your double latte with soy, coconut, or almond milk.

Cheetos are off the list this year. Pick up healthy snacks for the plane. Dish D’lish has an assortment of grab and go options, including a yogurt parfait, fruit cup, and a “Tray Delicious Flight Snack Pack” that includes goat cheese, hummus and olives, crackers, cheese, and fruit.

Salad from Floret

3. Get organized

Traveling can be a stressful time for many people. Keep your stress level to a minimum by following our Traveler Updates and Tips and downloading the Sea-Tac app. With the Sea-Tac app you can check on Transportation Security Administration (TSA) wait times, locate dining and retail establishments near you, and save your parking spot. Making sure you arrive at the airport two hours before a domestic flight and three hours before an international flight can lower your stress level and give you some chill time. 


Sea-Tac app

4. The great escape

Joy can be found in everything that you do. Whether it’s finding a quiet space, listening to a live music performance, or staying caught up on your favorite Netflix series, you can find that at Sea-Tac.

Use Sea-Tac’s lightning- fast free Wi Fi to watch Netflix, listen to music, and check email while you wait.

Make time for zen time in our meditation room. This room is located on the mezzanine level before security and can offer some quiet time before your flight. Hit pause and listen to one of many live music performances throughout the terminal. Through a partnership between Sea-Tac Airport, the Seattle Music Commission, and PlayNetwork, you can listen to a diverse variety of musical artists from the Pacific Northwest. This includes overhead music in common areas, live artist performances in the terminal, artist- recorded overhead announcements, curated videos on terminal and baggage claim monitors, and a multi-channel web radio player available through the free airport Wi-Fi network.

Music at the airport

5. Prioritize self-care 

Put yourself on the top of your to-do list. 

  • Stay hydrated with Sea-Tac’s environmentally friendly water bottle fill stations throughout the airport. Type in "Water Refill Station" on the interactive map.
  • Dress comfortably. Dress in loose clothing and wear layers to help you acclimate to traveling between different climates and airports, and airplanes.
  • Work out the kinks before your flight with a massage at one of our airport spas: Terminal Getaway, with two locations on the A and C concourses, and Massage Bar, located in the North Satellite.  We also have 16 new massage chairs located throughout the airport. Four are pre-security with two on the north side of baggage claim and two on the south side. The other 12 are located post-security, with eight at the S Satellite and four at the North Satellite.

Massage chairs

6. Join a trusted traveler program

Keep a handle on anxiety by signing up up for a Trusted Traveler program like TSA Pre✓® or CLEAR and spend your time moving instead of standing.

There (Your Destination)

7. Move it and lose it 

Pack your workout clothes, find a fitness class, or map your run. Here are a few apps to help you work out while you travel.

8. Research a healthy menu

Find a restaurant that can accommodate your needs with some advance research.

9.  Get enough sleep 

Bring a portable sound machine to mask unfamiliar noises, like the person snoring on the other side of the wall, or the elevator chime right next to your room. Here are a few recommendations. Or, download a white noise app for your phone. 


10. Practice mindfulness

Learn how to cultivate peace of mind, even during everyday activities like walking and eating. Download a meditation app like Headspace.

And have a happy and peaceful 2019!


Top photo credit: Photo by Marion Michele on Unsplash

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