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Mikel Marie O'Brien

Senior Director, Labor Relations

Integrity and fairness permeate deep labor experience

Mikel Marie O’Brien brings years of labor experience to bear on critical relationships and best practices affecting the everyday working conditions of the Port’s represented workforce. She brings her strong values and a commitment to fairness and integrity to the collective bargaining arena.

Supporting workforce development and enhanced communication

Mikel is an attorney with more than 25 years of experience in labor relations. She started her career in labor relations as a law clerk for a firm representing police and fire guilds. She later worked in labor relations for King County and Seattle Public Schools, prior to coming to the Port in 2000.

As Senior Director, Mikel intends to strengthen her team’s partnerships with other Port leaders to increase engagement and opportunities for our represented employees throughout the organization. Labor Relations will continue efforts to increase communication and confidence throughout the external community. Equity, diversity, and inclusion will be added as a standing agenda item for all quarterly business partnership meetings with labor.

Puget Sound commitment

Mikel is a member of the Washington State Bar Association and the Washington Public Employer Labor Relations Association (WAPELRA).

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