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Sandra Kilroy

Senior Director of Environment and Sustainability

Driving industry transformation

Sandra Kilroy has dedicated over three decades to protecting, restoring, and championing the environment. As the Port’s Senior Director Environment and Sustainability, Kilroy leads a diverse team in achieving significant commitments for our maritime and airport operations, including decarbonization, waste reduction, habitat restoration, water quality management, noise management, sustainable infrastructure, and resiliency planning. Kilroy has grown the Port's position as a leader in decarbonizing aviation and maritime operations and advancing sustainable transportation fuels, formalized habitat restoration and land stewardship practices, and supported equitable practices and community engagement. Her leadership supports the Port in inspiring, influencing, and implementing key actions required to move us toward a more sustainable future.

Skilled environmental leader

Prior to joining the Port, Kilroy served as Assistant Director of the King County Wastewater Treatment agency supporting operations, policy, strategic business planning, and capital delivery. Kilroy also has extensive experience in watershed restoration, salmon recovery, flood protection, and stormwater management. Kilroy’s expertise and leadership have been recognized through her participation on several boards, including the Center for Sustainable Infrastructure, the National Association of Clean Water Agencies, and the Coalition for Clean Water. She has a Bachelor of Science in Environmental and Forest Biology and a Masters of Marine Affairs.

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