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Air Cargo Services at SEA

A variety of companies and airlines provide air cargo services at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport (SEA). Below is a description of the types of services available and links to the companies that provide those services. Please visit the directory for a full listing of company information.

Air Freight Services

  • Cartage; Trucking; Forwarding; Perishable goods handling; Live animal shipments; Customs brokerage; Handling agent; Consolidated freight services / terminal; General Aviation services; No weight / size or destination restrictions; Fine art specialist; Human remains transportation

Aircraft Handling Services

  • Aircraft fueling; Ground movement; Cargo loading/unloading; Catering: Lavatory servicing: Load control / weight & balance; Marshalling; Passenger baggage; Passenger loading / unloading

Airlines and Airline Services

  • Cargo: scheduled; Cargo: Scheduled; Cargo: Non-scheduled; Passenger: Scheduled; Passenger: Non-scheduled; Overnight air; Charter; Passenger ticketing

Storage and Re-packing Services

  • Foreign Trade Zone operator or specialist; Foreign trade zone operator or specialist; Warehouse services; Bonded space; Cold storage; Vault / secure; U.S. Department of Seate Certified Secure Storage; Antique and fine art packing, crating, transportation, storage; Hazardous cargo packing

Transportation and Courier Services

  • Ocean forwarder; Ocean forwarder; Trucking services; Small package / courier; Moving services; Mail distribution agent; Multi-modal transportation; Exclusive trucking service 24 /7; Luggage / baggage delivery

Cargo Processing

  • Transportation broker, domestic and motor freight; Survey bonds and marine insurance; Export documentation / legalization / visa; Charter brokerage; U.S. Customs bonded cartage

Air Cargo Service Providers

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