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SEA Airport Statistics

Operated by the Port of Seattle, Seattle-Tacoma International Airport (SEA) serves the people of the Pacific Northwest with essential services, access to hundreds of domestic and global destinations, and economic activity that supports tens of thousands of jobs and produces $20 billion in economic activity. SEA in 2022 earned the travel industry’s prestigious
4-Star Skytrax Airport Rating and designation as the Best Airport in North America focused on customer-centered travel with better services, facilities, and amenities.

SEA totaled 45.9 million passengers in 2022 – down just 11% from 2019 – with a forecast to reach pre-pandemic traveler volumes in 2024. With a regional economic impact of more than $22.5 billion in business revenue, SEA generates more than 151,400 jobs (87,300 direct jobs), representing over $3.6 billion in direct earnings and more than $442 million in state and local taxes.

As the region’s gateway to the globe, 33 airlines connect to 92 non-stop domestic and 28 international destinations. For more information about our U.S. Top 11 airport, follow us on TwitterFacebook, and InstagramEvery day. Elevate.  

SEA Airport Weekly Dashboard

Weekly dashboard of airport activity to track economic recovery following COVID-19 for SEA and the region


Current and Historic Traffic and Operations Statistics

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Trade Route Report


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