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Belled-In Taxi Requirements

Welcome to the Ground Transportation Belled-In Operator Page.


ATTENTION: All operators starting a business at Sea-Tac International Airport are required to have a current agreement on file. You must keep your information and permits up to date. Agreement paperwork can be emailed to or 

  • Belled-In Taxi/For Hire Cab Agreement Operating Packet (Download)

    • Permit Selling Hours: Effective Saturday, November 6 2021 permits can now be issued everyday from 8:00am to 9:00pm

    • VISA, MC, AMEX accepted. No cash, checks, or money orders will be accepted

    • 2023 Trip/Permit Fees (Download)

    • Obtaining Permit (Download)


ADA Belled-In Taxi/For Hire permits are now available to qualified vehicles.



Permitted Belled-In/For Hire Cabs are allowed to pick up on the Arrival Drive (lower drive).  Drop offs must be done on the Departure Drive (upper drive). Please note you must use the load and unload lanes, bus zones.   Thru lanes and marked off areas are not permitted space to use.



I want to pick up my family can I pick them up on Arrivals?

If your vehicle has a current Belled in Taxi/For Hire yes you can. If you do not we suggest you park in the parking garage, go inside the terminal to meet them, and pay to exit the garage.

I have a belled in sticker, how do I get customers at SeaTac?

You must have a pre called customer prior to arriving at the airport. Soliciting a fare is prohibited.

Helpful Links


King County For Hire Information

Washington State Dept of Licensing


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