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Construction Impacts

Updated May 12, 2024

Know before you go. Stay up to date on airport construction and how it will impact your journey. 

Current construction impacts

Checkpoint Conversion Security Checkpoint 3

Checkpoint 3 is currently closed

Checkpoint A: General (Limited hours)
Checkpoint 1: CLEAR, TSA PreCheck
Checkpoint 2: General, Premium, CLEAR, SEA Sot Saver, SEA Visitor Pass
Checkpoint 4: General, CLEAR, TSA PreCheck
Checkpoint 5: General, Premium, SEA Spot Saver
  *check live estimated wait times

SEA Gateway  Skybridge 5 Skybridge 5 is currently closed
SEA Gateway North end of Upper Departures Drive curbside Temporary HVAC duct overhead on the north end of Departures Drive
SEA Gateway  Doors 14 and 26 on Lower Arrivals Drive/Baggage Claim Level Door 14 and 26 are closed, Door 20 is available for use as an Accessible Door
Checkpoint 1 Relocation GML Arrivals Hall - Old Bag Carousel 1 Barricades up around the old carousel 1, barricade area will enlarge once window wall barricades come down in mid-April
Restroom Renovation D1 Restroom Restroom by Gate D1 is currently closed
Restroom Renovation C16 Restroom Restroom located by Gate C16 is currently closed
Restroom Renovation D11 Restroom Restroom closing this month

*all dates and times are subject to change


  • Check Upgrade SEA to learn more about current and future airport improvements 
  • Get step-by-step directions throughout the airport and see available routes, detours and more on our interactive map


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