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Charter Bus Operators

Welcome to the Charter Bus operator Page!

In order to operate your Charter Bus at SeaTac Airport you must have the following in place with Ground Transportation:

  • Charter Bus Operations Agreement packet (must be signed by the company owner) (Download)
  • Current Certificate of Insurance and BMC-91 / BMC-91X.  
  • Insurance paperwork must be sent by the insurance company naming the Port of Seattle as Certificate Holder
  • Evidence of the Vehicle Registration for each vehicle showing the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) and vehicle license plate number.
  • Completed Charter Bus Information Sheet.
  • Authorized with the U.S. Department of Transportation Federal Motor Coach Carrier Safety Administration
  • Please send completed Agreement and necessary paper work to

2019 Tariff (Download)

Driver Check in procedures:

Each time your company picks up passengers we charge a fee. An invoice will be sent to the company for payment the month after the trip(s) are made. Please note, we do not charge a fee to submit the paperwork nor for dropping off passengers. We do request all paperwork to be on file, otherwise, your company will be denied access to pick up passengers and may receive a citation. Failure to complete necessary paperwork at time of pick up will result in being defaulted to Coach 2. 2018 Tariff (Download)

Drivers must check in at the 28th street lot; 19010 24th Ave S SeaTac WA 98188.

  • Proceed inside the building to check in.
  • Fill out paperwork, white copy goes inside of red box, yellow is for your records.
  • Call 5906 to check in.
  • Once your group has contact Ground Transportation, GT personnel will page over the intercom for you to call for a lane assignment.
  • If the charter group contacts you directly, please call Ground Transportation.
  • Proceed to the NE GT Lot Charter Bus Operators
  • Printable instructions from Holding lot to NE GT Lot (Download & Download)


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