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Diversity and Inclusion

A Source of Possibility and Strength

“We understand that diversity encompasses a wide range and depth of cultural, gender-based, philosophical and racial spectrums, and will commit to embrace, relate to, and value those qualities and conditions that are different from our own.”

- Port of Seattle Inaugural Development and Diversity Council

Diversity at the Port of Seattle is not an initiative or campaign. Rather, it is integral to policy, processes, and programs that are woven into all daily activities within the Port community. Diversity is essential to our mission, goals, and values.

Addressing institutional racism

The Port recognizes the negative impact of institutional and structural racism past and present. We are working to ensure that our policies and procedures recognize and address social injustice as it impacts the work of the Port. We are clarifying our values and practices with the ultimate goal of increasing equity, diversity, and inclusion in our work in the region.

Development and Diversity Council

Since 2005, the Port has sponsored a Development and Diversity Council that advises, generates ideas, advocates, and communicates about employee development and diversity issues, policies, programs and initiatives. The Development and Diversity Council consists of employees representing multiple departments, professions, and levels of the organization. 

This council collaborates with Port leadership and employee resource groups including Blacks in Government, National Management Association, and Port-Wide Pride to sponsor a variety of inclusive internal and community events. Additionally, the Port recognizes employees and teams who actively demonstrate a dedication to inclusivity and awareness of diversity with the annual “Charles Blood Champion of Diversity and Inclusion Award.”

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