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Hotel and Off-Site Courtesy Vehicle Operators

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Welcome to the GT Hotel and Off Site Courtesy Vehicles Operator Page!

All operators starting a business at Sea-Tac International Airport are required to have a current agreement. You must keep your information and permits up to date.

Requirements for registering your business at Sea-Tac Airport:

  • GT Operating Agreement Packet (Download)

Once you have reviewed and completed any necessary documents please send your documents to or



Hotel and Off-Site Courtesy Vehicles must have a functioning AVI tag adhered on the vehicle. Companies will be charged per trip and invoiced for these charges.



Courtesy Vans must pick up and drop off at Islands 1 or 3 in the courtesy van lane on the 3rd floor of the parking garage.




 The Port of Seattle - Ground Transportation Department will honor requests made by Hotel and Off-Site Parking Companies whose guests are seeking ADA Accommodations at SeaTac Airport. Guest may also press #61 on any courtesy phone to receive Wheelchair Assistance.  

Prior to your Shuttles arrival at SeaTac Airport, please call Ground Transportation (206) 787-5906 to request permission for the ADA Drop Off/Pick Up. Drop Off/Pick Ups must be done only at the requested Airline.


Federal ADA and Disability Resources


Documents for Hotel and Off-Site Courtesy Vehicle Operators

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