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Sustainable Century Awards

The Port of Seattle annually recognizes customers, tenants, nonprofits, and business partners of all sizes with the Sustainable Century Awards. Award winners serve as role models and demonstrate exceptional sustainability and equity leadership in their operations or involvement with Port maritime facilities and Seattle-Tacoma International Airport (SEA). These businesses and organizations are key partners in helping the Port achieve our sustainability goals set forth in the Century Agenda.

2024 Sustainable Century Awards

The annual Sustainable Century Awards program encourages continuous support for sustainability initiatives by recognizing accomplishments that demonstrate environmental sustainability and equity leadership associated with Port properties and operations. Award winners will be announced on May 14 during the Port’s Commission Meeting.

Aviation and Maritime Awards categories (nomination-based)

  • Environmental Performance: The nominee’s activity results in a direct measurable benefit to the environment.
  • Environmental Education and Outreach: The nominee’s activity increased awareness of environmental stewardship and/or raised awareness of environmental issues and practices and is expected to accrue future direct benefits to the environment, economy, and community.
  • Environmental Innovation: The nominee’s activity highlights a creative approach to identifying and/or solving an environmental issue and results in a measurable direct or projected benefit to the environment.
  • Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion: The nominee’s activity results in a direct, measurable benefit to historically marginalized communities (e.g., communities of color and immigrant and refugee communities).

Aviation only (not nominated but based on SEA Airport operational data)

  • Two recognitions for SEA airlines that achieve the highest or greatest increased use of:
    • Airline ground power and pre-conditioned air at gates (this will be updated in future years to include APU run-time reductions)
    • Fuel-efficient aircraft


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