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High 5 Hallway

We unveiled our beautiful new High 5 Hallway in June of 2023 to much fanfare!  

If you have not seen it yet, the High 5 Hallway is on the mezzanine right across from the Credential Center.  The Hallway includes pictures celebrating great customer service from employees from all over the airport and also has our brand values posted and a big monitor that plays video clips and advertisements with information about and for airport employees. 

Check out the High 5 Hallway and celebrate excellent customer service!

Chris Guizlo checks in with Darlesa Cahoon at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport's new "High Five Hallway" on the mezzanine level above checkpoint three.

High 5 Hallway Reveal event video

Julie Collins, Lance Lyttle, Melanie Lorenz-Manil, Jamie Carter

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