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Lance Lyttle

Managing Director, Aviation Division​ | Leadership Team

Managing Director, Aviation Division

Veteran airport leader

Mr. Lyttle has a breadth of experience and depth of knowledge of airport operations, having worked in both Atlanta and Houston, and is well acclimated to the rigors of major airline competition. Lyttle brings fresh energy and perspectives to the role of Aviation Director at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport (SEA).

Experienced in strategic and business plan development

As the Chief Operating Officer for Houston’s three airports prior to joining the Port of Seattle Executive team, Lyttle is familiar with all aspects of operating major airports, including implementation of new ground base operations, terminal construction, introduction of new airline business, and finding continual improvements and efficiencies in all lines of business. He has extensive experience in spearheading strategic and business plan development.

Skilled leader of ideas management and innovation

Lyttle is a growth-oriented executive who has led multi-year strategic development efforts with capital budgets in excess of $3 billion at Houston airports, and played a key role in the $6 billion development program in Atlanta. He is well versed in developing high performance organizations, business process re-engineering, ideas management and innovation, and implementing technologically complex projects. In 2017, he was elected to the Board of Directors of Airports Council International.

Commitment to channeling growth

One of Lyttle's opportunities is to channel the amazing growth at SEA, one of the nation’s fastest growing airports, while delivering outstanding service to our passengers and customers. Currently, he leads a multibillion dollar terminal revitalization program including an international arrivals facility, renovating the north and south satellites, and upgrading the baggage handling system. Additionally, Lyttle leads efforts toward developing a sustainable airport master plan for the future that continues to provide economic benefits for the region. 


  • Bachelor's degree, Physics and Computer Science, University of the West Indies
  • Master's degree, Management Information Systems, University of the West Indies
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