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Required Documents

This is a voluntary program. Owners of qualified homes who choose to participate in the Sound Insulation Program and are approved for participation by the Port of Seattle (Port) must sign certain documents and agreements.   

The documents required for participation in the Program are: decorative

  • Owner Application 
  • Owner Participation Agreement  Initial Authorization*  
  • Owner Participation Agreement  Final Authorization*
  • Owner Scope of Work Acceptance* 
  • Avigation Easement and Release of Claims  
  • Subordination Agreement (if there is a loan on the property) 

Additional documents are required for Homeowner Associations (HOA) 

 * Documents vary by program decorative

These documents must be signed without modification of their terms. You should read each document carefully and in full before signing. The documents are briefly described and summarized below. 

  Information Request Form



The material on this page is for informational purposes only and does not supersede or replace the formal details provided by the Program Handbook. Please consult your Program Handbook or the Airport Noise Office at 206-787-5393 for complete program details.

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Owner Application 

The Application will be sent to owners to gather general information about you and the property Completion of the application expresses the owner’s interest in participating in the program. A Program Application must be completed and returned to the Port prior to participating in the program. This enables us to begin the communication process.   

Owner Participation Agreement

After receiving and verifying the eligibility of an Owner’s Application, the Program Team will send the owner a copy of this Handbook, including the required documents.  The Program Team will then schedule and conduct an Owner’s Briefing that explains the Program and provides an opportunity to ask questions.   

Owners deciding to move forward with the Program will need to sign an Owner Participation Agreement. Once signed, this Agreement allows members of the Program Team to enter the property to perform the required design activities. The Owner Participation Agreement outlines the Port and owner’s responsibilities regarding the implementation of the sound insulation treatments. The Owner Participation Agreement needs to be signed by all persons listed on the deed of the property prior to the start of design.

Owner Scope of Work Acceptance

A final design review meeting will take place with the owner to give an opportunity to walk through the home to review treatment recommendations. At this appointment, the owner will have the opportunity to sign the Scope of Work Acceptance for their home.

If the owner does not sign the Scope of Work Acceptance within the time allowed by the Owner Participation Agreement, the owner’s participation in the Program ends.

If the owner timely signs the Scope of Work Acceptance, the Port is authorized to install the sound insulation treatments and improvements and the homeowner will be responsible for costs incurred in the Program if the homeowner later withdraws from it, which can only be done with the agreement of the Port.

Avigation Easement and Subordination Agreement 

State law requires the Port to obtain an Avigation Easement and Release of Claims (“Avigation Easement”) from any owner who participates in the Program in return for the Port paying the cost of the sound insulation improvements. The Port has hired an independent easement acquisition consultant who will assist owners through the process of signing the required Avigation Easement and facilitating provision of a Subordination Agreement with any lenders or other lien holders. 

The Owner Avigation Easement grants the Port the right to use the airspace over and in the vicinity of the property for aircraft using Sea-Tac Airport, including the right of free, unrestricted and unobstructed flights; and acknowledges that the effects that may result from the flights of aircraft, and aircraft using, taking off and/or landing at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport, are an authorized permanent burden on the property. State law also requires that the owner grant the Port a release of claims for such activities and limits any recoverable damages to those caused by activities exceeding those authorized by the Avigation Easement. The Avigation Easement must be signed by all persons    listed on the deed of the property, will be recorded in the public real estate records, and then becomes a part of the title of the property.  

Subordination Agreement is required if there is an existing mortgage, deed of trust, or other lien on the property. The Subordination Agreement provides that foreclosures, sales or other transactions will not remove the Avigation Easement from the title of the property.  Properties that do not have a mortgage or lien holder will not be required to execute a Subordination Agreement.   

While these documents must be signed in order to participate in the Program, the Avigation Easement and Subordination Agreement will not be executed by the Port and recorded on the title of the property until after the owner has executed a Scope of Work Acceptance.

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