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Sound Insulation Program


Sound Insulation News, Statistics & Funding  

  • Single-family homes – over 9,400 sound insulated since 1985 
  • Condominium complexes - six sound insulated (274 total individual units)
  • Highline Schools - Implemented a $100 million agreement with the Highline School District for sound insulated ($50 million from the Port and $50 million from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)) in noise impacted school buildings being constructed as part of the District's capital facilities improvement plan - ten of the 15 identified schools are complete
  • Highline College – Approximately $14 million provided to assist in sound insulation of buildings located on the college campus – 14 buildings were completed through this program 
  • Funding for sound insulation typically comes from approximately 20 percent SEA Airport revenues and 80 percent FAA Airport Improvement Project (AIP) grant funds 

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