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Habitat Mitigation Bank Credits: Duwamish River People's Park and Shoreline

Map of Mitigation Bank Project Sites
Mitigation Bank Project Sites

—Credits available mid-2022—

The Duwamish River People’s Park and Shoreline (formerly known as Terminal 117) is the first habitat project built as part of the mitigation bank that will allow third parties to invest in Port habitat projects via purchase of mitigation credits.

The project is restoring 14 acres of habitat, includes forested buffer, emergent marsh, mudflat, shallow subtidal, and deep subtidal areas along nearly half a mile of Duwamish River shoreline. The restoration creates valuable off-channel habitat in the marine-freshwater transition zone, enhancing a high-priority migratory corridor for Chinook salmon. In this habitat, out-migrating juveniles can seek refuge while acclimating to saltwater environments before navigating into Puget Sound.


Photo showing excavation of a riverbank.

Riverbank excavation

Key Features

  • 14 acres of restored emergent marsh, mudflat, and riparian habitat
  • 2,050 linear feet of shallow and deep subtidal shoreline habitat
  • Largest habitat restoration project in Duwamish River Estuary
  • Revenue generated reinvested in habitat restoration projects
  • Priority habitat for migrating Chinook salmon
  • Supports environmental justice in Duwamish Valley neighborhood
  • Promotes community and youth engagement in green jobs and trainings

Learn more about this project site, including conditions, concept design and construction in the Multi-Site Wetland Mitigation and Habitat Conservation Bank Prospectus.

T117 Concept imange

Contact Information

Kathleen Hurley
Senior Environmental Program Manager

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