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State of the Port 2021

The State of the Port is strong and on solid footing. Looking back, we can confidently say that this year we made progress in restoring our operations and leading the region to recovery. Throughout the year we continued to face challenges related to the pandemic, but we were resilient. We adjusted, adapted, innovated, and moved forward.  

Last year we shared the principles to help lead an equitable and sustainable recovery and these same principles have served us well throughout 2021:

  • Putting health and safety first
  • Maintaining the operation of our aviation and maritime gateways 
  • Continuing our vital investments in capital programs
  • Keeping the community and sustainability interwoven in all our work and programs

The State of the Port meeting took place on December 9 but the work continues — here are a few ways you can stay up to date on Port and SEA initiatives until next year.

1. Watch the recording of the State of the Port meeting on December 9, 2021

2. View the end of the year video 

This video is a look back and a celebration of the many accomplishments of the Port of Seattle in 2021, despite many obstacles.

3. View the tribute to Port employees video

The Port of Seattle can’t achieve our goals without the engagement, support, service, and dedication of our hard-working employees. This video tribute is a thank you to all you who have made this year’s success possible, and gives us optimism that we can continue to achieve great things together in 2022.

3. Read the State of the Port Annual Report

The annual report provides a look back at 2021 accomplishments and what's next for the 2022 budget. 

State of the Port annual report

4. Subscribe to email newsletters

Stay up to date on Port and SEA initiatives throughout the year by subscribing to our email newsletters. 

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