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TNC/Ride Share Requirements

Ground Transportation Networking Company/App Ride Share Operators

Earlier this year, the Port of Seattle Commission adopted an order directing Port staff to implement a pilot program for TNC drivers. The Commission and Port staff recognize the vital role that TNC drivers play in serving the travelers coming to and from SEA, and that in providing this service, you sometimes must queue very early in line. You must then take any necessary breaks while in line, and that usually means doing so at the 160th lot. With growing customer demand, there can be significant congestion at the S. 160th Street lot. The Commission’s order outlines improvements to that facility, but until those improvements are complete, the pilot program offers a new option to both ease congestion and provide a broader area for drivers to wait for their next ride.

Under the pilot program, the Port is implementing a geographic area around SEA where TNC drivers who would normally be in the 160th street lot are able to enter the virtual queue to pick up customers.  This new boundary (generally shown in green on the map below) allows drivers to respond to customers without needing to be within the current TNC holding lot. The TNC application you are on should provide you with more details on the exact limits of the boundary. As we work with the TNC community to determine what works, we plan to expand the boundary in the additional brown areas seen below. As we gather feedback from you, our customers, and the TNCs, you will likely see changes to the boundary. Please refer to the TNC application or this page for updated information on the current boundary for drivers. You may continue to utilize the 160th lot but be aware that the lot has limited amenities and is frequently congested. Additionally, construction will be starting in the lot at the end of November and will last for approximately 10 months, further reducing space and increasing congestion.

New boundaries effective Feb. 7:

  • TNC Boundary
  • TNC Boundary
  • TNC Boundary

We need your help!
We want to be sure that this boundary works for TNC drivers! The map below shows areas that were identified as having the most potential benefit to the driver community. They include parks, spiritual centers, businesses, restaurants, and community centers. We need your feedback on both this initial boundary change as well as other areas you would like us to consider.
Please email us at with your thoughts and suggestions. We are working to find a solution that benefits driver and ensures minimum customer wait times, and your experience and input is vital to the program’s success.
We will update this page regularly with additional information as well as frequently asked questions we are hearing from the TNC driver community. Thank you for your help in making this pilot program successful!

More information for operating at SEA Airport:


To avoid getting stuck in traffic, drop off passengers at arrivals drive when departures is congested.


TNC/App-Based Ride Share vehicles must be in compliance with King County regulations prior to operating at the airport. Vehicles on Port of Seattle property without the proper credentials will be subject to citation(s).For more information Please review the information below

tnc rulesbooklet (PDF)


kc brochure (PDF)


TNC logos


Vehicle TNC decal



TNC Rules and Instructions (PDF).




 Vehicle TNC Decal (PDF)     






Your vehicle must have the respective companies Trade-Dress Logo displayed on the front windshield.




Your vehicle must have a TNC vehicle endorsement.  You must carry a valid For-Hire Permit..



The designated TNC/Ride Share pickup area is located in the marked stall numbers 1 - 34 in the middle of the 3rd floor of the parking garage. You must park your vehicle in a designated stall before loading your passenger. Please note that if you are directed to park in a specific stall you must park.

TNC/Ride Share operators wishing to pick up family and friends must do so in the designated TNC area, you may not leave your vehicle. If you are needing to meet your family and friends inside the terminal you may park your vehicle in the General Parking are, you will be required to pay the general parking rates.


App Based Ride Share/TNC drivers participating in Rematch can now use the South Entry way designated for the Rematch Program.

Rematch Driving Instructions (PDF)






Please Be Advised: You must have an active fare on your App in order to pick up in the TNC area. You are not allowed to stage in or around the area waiting for a Rematch.

ADA Accommodation

N.          Special Needs

Special needs include passengers with a disability recognized under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), passengers that are elderly and have health problems, passengers that are mobility impaired, or single passengers traveling with infant children and excessive possessions, including baby seat and luggage.

TNC: Wheelchair Accommodation/Other Special Ride Requests: TNC shall not deny a pick-up request from customers with wheelchairs or other special needs, such as passengers with guide dogs or children requiring a car seat, provided that the passenger is able to properly install that car seat, etc. Pick-up requests must be fulfilled by TNC or must be referred to a similar service provider for fulfillment.


Please visit King County's FAQ page.

Current Ground Transportation Rates (PDF) for 2023.



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Business Regulations

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For Hire Permit information.

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Documents for TNC/Ride Share Requirements

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