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Water and Wastewater Utility Services

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Potable water and sanitary sewer

  • Airlines:  Costs are usually included in leases
  • Organizations other than airlines:  Generally metered and paid separately.  Some simple services may be billed via a flat rate
  • All tenants:  Application for service and application for connection required
    • Required for ALL service changes
  • Tenants are responsible for one-time connection charges such as new metering, and general facility charges from sewage service providers


  • Within Aviation Utility territory, application for service must specify the property boundaries and total area, for proper cost allocation
  • Outside Aviation Utility territory, Port still pays charges via tax bills and passes the costs through
  • Application for service must include specific property boundaries overlaid on county plat map, to ensure costs from county and local stormwater taxes are allocated to the correct Aviation property

​​​​​​​Specialty airline and ground service provider water services

  • Biffy dump
    • Included in airline leases
  • Industrial stormwater (IWS)
    • Cost of operation of airfield stormwater treatment facility is allocated and billed among airfield tenants in proportion to surface area

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