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New Customer Service Buildings Operational Information

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New Customer Service Buildings Project Overview

Port Commission approved construction funding to replace the old, worn restrooms with larger, more efficient and multi-use customer service facilities that incorporate sustainable design elements. Parking lot paving is also included in the $15 million upgrade.

The project consists of the construction of three new buildings. Two large, multi-use buildings (restroom, shower and laundry) will be located in the south and central areas of the marina, plus a smaller restroom/shower only building at the north end of the facility.

New Customer Services Buildings Map


Accessing the New Buildings with Customer Key Fobs

The Shilshole Marina Office will automatically grant access to the new buildings to customers active key fobs on file. If you have issues accessing the new buildings with your customer key fobs please call the marina office at (206) 787-3006 or email

How to use the PayRange App for Laundry Facilities

The new laundry facilities will accept payment through the PayRange app and no more quarters will be accepted.

Visit the website to download the PayRange app today.



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