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Championing Justice for this Generation and the Next

Jan 15, 2024

Born 7 lbs and 8.2 oz.

Happy New Year! 2024 is off to an incredible start. On a personal note, our family welcomed baby Kota on December 16. We couldn’t be more grateful for his healthy arrival!

Per our family’s tradition, we brought in the new year with togetherness and traditional foods at our annual Oshogatsu celebration. We were pleased to be joined by the newly appointed Consul General of Japan Makoto Iyori and his wife.

Healthy and hungry!

My family and I have been longtime residents of Beacon Hill, a Port-impacted community. It is important to me as a Commissioner and a resident that the Port invest in programs that minimize our impacts on communities by creating meaningful policy, backed by real dollars.

I am so proud of all that went into developing our 2024 budget, including one of my top priorities, expanding the South King County Community Impact Fund with $12 million allocated over the next five years. Now, we are ready to implement. I spearheaded the development of the Port’s Land Stewardship Principles that were adopted by the Commission on July 11, 2023. The Order is a value statement made by my colleagues and I about how the Port must steward and balance our natural resources as we continue to operate essential transportation infrastructure.

DecorativeNext, the Land Stewardship Plan will come before the Commission later this quarter for further action. We held a community webinar on November 8, launching a public comment period that was extended from November 22 to January 5. We also held a community tree planting event on December 2. It’s exciting progress for the Port of Seattle and the lands over which we have direct control.

And in February, the SEA Workforce Conditions Ad Hoc Committee will convene to discuss promoting access to critical services like childcare and health care for workers, which will also help our competitiveness as an employer.

I urge us all to support our collective effort in fostering a sustainable and thriving environment. Let's continue working together to make a lasting impact on the well-being of our community, our children’s community, and the beautiful surroundings we call home.


Above photo: Hon. Consul General Makoto Iyori and wife celebrating Oshogatsu 2024 with the Hasegawa family

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