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Port Serving as Convener

May 15, 2023

Many community members in South Seattle are impacted by Port operations. Because of their proximity to other major industrial operations, they also experience the compounding impacts of pollution from other nearby airports and corporate warehouses. Finding solutions to their problems requires a multi-agency, intersectional approach.

That’s why the Port of Seattle convened its first-ever South Seattle Multiagency Roundtable —- a formal avenue for this historically underserved community to discuss its issues and priorities.

Left to right: Maria Batayola, El Centro De La Raza; Brandon Bowersox-Johnson, 350 Seattle Aviation; Ali Lee, King County International Airport Community Coalition; Megan Slade, Beacon Hill council; and Sheila Brush, Quiet Skies Puget Sound.

The event was a huge success, involving 17 government partners, 2 industry partners, and about 20 community partners for a targeted and structured conversation around community interest topics: Air and Noise Mediation; Airport Master Planning; Economic and Community Development; and Coordination among Government Agencies.

We had a very productive meeting, which is just the first of more to come. We’re off to a great start, with lots of great input and ideas for common avenues to move forward and potential partnership opportunities.


I’m deeply grateful to all the stakeholders who showed up to represent your community. A huge shout out to Port staff for the extraordinary work in coordination. And thank you to City Councilmember Teresa Mosqueda for co-hosting the meeting with some wonderfully poignant opening comments, and to Port of Seattle Commissioner Fred Felleman for joining us for the event.

Here are some video highlights for your viewing:

Opening Remarks:
Decorative Commissioner Toshiko Hasegawa’s Opening Remarks
Decorative Seattle City Councilmember Teresa Mosqueda’s Opening Remarks
Facilitated Group Report Outs:
Decorative Airport Master Planning
Decorative Air and Noise Mediation
Decorative Economic and Community Development
Decorative Coordination among Government Agencies
Closing Remarks:
Decorative Commissioner Hasegawa’s Closing Remarks
Decorative Seattle City Councilmember Mosqueda’s Closing Remarks

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