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Two Major Projects Advance to Upgrade SEA

October 25, 2022

Seattle-Tacoma International Airport (SEA) recently wrapped up improvements to one million square feet of new and upgraded facilities. That was just the beginning.

Over the next five years, SEA plans to invest over $4.6 billion on projects to make the travel experience more predictable and convenient, and to elevate your experience from curb to gate. To help passengers prepare for changes during construction and anticipate the completed improvements, the airport introduced a new “Upgrade SEA” capital campaign.

"The modernized N Concourse and new International Arrivals facility launched a new era for SEA,” said Port of Seattle Commissioner Sam Cho. “Passengers already can experience the night and day difference where we offer the most modern facilities, amenities, and sustainability. We are working to bring that experience across the entire airport so passengers can travel with more space, less time in line, and an overall more predictable experience.”

“SEA has been one of the fastest growing airports for a decade, mirroring the growth happening in the region,” said SEA Managing Director Lance Lyttle. “During peak periods our terminal is stretched to its max, making it a challenge to deliver the efficient, predictable experience that passengers deserve. To hit our efficiency and customer service goals we need to build up, modernize where we can, and introduce new technology.”

This week, the Port of Seattle Commission authorized more than $250 million to advance two key projects, the SEA Gateway Project and S Concourse Evolution.

  • The Commission approved $159.5 million for the SEA Gateway Project, a partnership with Alaska Airlines, to modernize the 40-year-old ticketing, security, and bag claim areas in the terminal’s north end. Newly light-filled, open spaces will help passengers move quickly and easily through ticketing and security.
  • The S Concourse Evolution received $100 million to proceed with advanced work and design on a major remodel to restructure, repurpose, and renovate existing spaces with more amenities, brighter spaces, and an improved passenger journey.

South Concourse Evolution
South Concourse Evolution project renderings.

Commissioners also approved funding for the fifth and final phase of the Restroom Renovation Project. New public restrooms have already been opened on Concourses B, C, and D – including some just this week! This will continue the upgrades of the old, outdated and overcrowded facilities. The new restrooms feature brighter lighting, water-saving fixtures, touchless features, larger, more accessible stalls and enhanced art features.

The airport also relies on time-saving technology to make your trip more efficient and predictable.

  • Save time in screening line: We innovated with the first virtual queue program, SEA Spot Saver, a free option that allows you to reserve your space in the TSA security line.
  • Save time in the parking garage: This year the airport introduced Automated Parking Guidance Project, open stall light indicators in the garage and counters at the entrance to the garage.
  • Save time buying to go food: Use our FlySEA app to order your food without waiting in line. Order SEA  allows you to get a meal delivered anywhere in the airport or make a quick pickup.
  • Save time looking for a directory or flight information: Real location mapping in the FlySEA app directs you to water refill stations, flight information, and more.  

Visit the airport’s projects page for a summary of  current improvements, including:

Text YES1 to 27829 to receive travel tips and major project updates via text.


Perry Cooper | Port of Seattle Senior Media Officer
(206) 787-4923 |

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