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Safety Management Systems (SMS)

Construction on the Airport Drives will occur Monday through Saturday between 11:59 p.m. and 8:30 a.m. as a result the lower Arrivals Drive may be unavailable and transportation and other services will be moved to the upper Departures Drive. Arrive Early to the airport! Learn more and see the latest info!

Welcome to SEA Airport Operations Safety Management Systems

What do we do? 

 Manage safety compliance on the airfield including development of audits and accountability programs to keep the Port and its business partners safe. 

Our Mission: To Provide a Systematic Way to Identify Hazards and Proactively Control Risk

Safety management seeks to identify and proactively mitigate safety risks and systemic factors before they result in accidents and incidents to manage safety activities in a disciplined, holistic, integrative and focused manner in order to prioritize actions to address safety risks and more effectively manage its resources for the optimal benefit of safety.

It is the goal of SMS to create a positive safety culture where participants continually challenge the processes, the culture and the systems to identify weaknesses and where improvements can be made.

SMS emphasize safety management as a fundamental business process to be considered in the same manner as other aspects of business management by recognizing the organization's role in accident prevention, SMS provides:

  • A structured means of safety risk management decision making
  • A means of demonstrating safety management capability before system failures occur
  • Increased confidence in risk controls though structured safety assurance processes
  • An effective interface for knowledge sharing between regulator and certificate holder
  • safety promotion framework to support a sound safety culture

Meet Our Team!

David Crowner, SMS Sr. Manager

Juan Martell, Aviation Safety QA Manager

Adam Varo, Safety Management Systems Specialist

Alicia Waterton, Safety Management Systems Specialist

Email us:

SMS Team PictureSMS LogoReport Hazards 206787SAFE

Email us:

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