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SEA Brand FAQs

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SEA Brand

What are we announcing?

Seattle-Tacoma International Airport is announcing its first-ever brand identity specific to the airport and core values defined around elevating the travel experience to help usher in the airport’s next era.

Why are we introducing a brand identity and core values now?

In the last handful of years, the airport has grown quickly to a major international gateway and the eighth most-traveled in the country. Our brand should proudly reflect the natural beauty and culture that’s uniquely us.   

This announcement is all about elevating SEA into its next era and providing a more robust customer experience that is part of the exciting journey of travel. Developing a distinct airport brand has been a long-discussed desire that pre-dates commercial flights operating elsewhere in the region and the current state-wide discussions around a future new airport, but we’re supportive of people in our region having additional options for travel that are convenient for them.

Will the airport start to look different?

In addition to capital projects already underway like the International Arrivals Facility and North Satellite Modernization, you’ll notice immediate changes such as signage in the terminal, customer information counters, uniforms of customer service representatives, our website, and social media channels. Other visual changes will be rolled out in the months and years to come.

Why SEA? Is the name of the airport changing?

The name of the airport remains “Seattle-Tacoma International Airport.” SEA has been the official identifier for the airport since 1943. It’s the airport code people see on their luggage tags and when they book a reservation online. It is more readily recognized by people outside our region than the nick-name “Sea-Tac,” and reduces confusion with the municipal government of our neighboring community, the City of SeaTac. Except in rare circumstances, (i.e. dictated by size constraints), the new airport logo will include both SEA and the full name of the airport.

What happened to the “Sea-Tac” Airport nickname?

“Sea-Tac” is a nickname for the airport. People throughout our region know and have affection for the name and will likely continue using it. And that’s great.

What was the process for providing input into the development of the brand?

We conducted extensive quantitative research among residents, and hundreds of airline passengers from around the country who transited our airport. We gathered public feedback in a survey distributed through the Port’s “Connections” email newsletter and with passengers in the terminal. We consulted with regional economic development and tourism leaders, engaged airlines and tenants at the airport and a frequent traveler committee. We also involved Port leaders and employees in the development of the brand. We received overwhelmingly positive feedback.

What about the Port of Seattle logo?

The SEA brand will be aligned with the overarching Port of Seattle brand. New brand Guidelines help employees distinguish, based on audience, when the Port of Seattle or SEA visual marks should be used. There are also many instances when a communication with the SEA logo will also include the endorsement of Operated by the Port of Seattle.

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