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  • Service Agreement Types
  • Service Agreements Procurement Processes
  • Service Agreement Procurement Timelines
  • Service Agreement Requirements
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Service Agreement Types

Service agreements is the type of contract the Port uses to procure the following: 

Professional Services Personal Services
Architecture Auditing
Engineering Copywriting/Editing
Landscape Architecture Construction Management
Land Surveying Computer/Info Technology
  Graphic Design/Marketing
  Legal Services
  Airport Dining and Retail Consulting
  And much more!

Service agreement contracts come in two forms:

  • Project-Specific - All needs are known and identified
  • Indefinite Delivery, Indefinite Quantity (IDIQ) - General needs are known but some variables are present such as the ordering period

Service Agreements Procurement Processes

Service Agreement Procurement process for different work types:

  1. Professional Services  
    • Qualifications-Based Selection – Proposal & Interview
    • Competitive process in which consultants are selected based on demonstrated competence and qualifications for the type of professional services required
    • Price cannot be a selection criterion
    • Negotiate contract with highest rated (most qualified) consultant
  2. Personal Services
    • Cost information is requested as part of consultant proposal
    • Port utilizes “best value” criteria to determine selection
    • After qualification rating is complete, pricing is analyzed

Service Agreement Procurement process for different dollar amounts:

Category 1

Category 2

Category 3

49,999 and under 

$50,000 to $199,999

$200,000 and over

Considers diverse firms

Considers diverse firms

Diversity in Contracting goal

Competition not required

Competitive selection from 3 firms: Interview only OR
proposal and interview

Competitive selection – proposal and interview

Service Agreement Procurement Timelines

What to expect during procurement timeline for category 2

  1. Firms receive invitation to propose or advertisement on VendorConnect
  2. Solicitation questions deadline
  3. Submittals or Proposal due
  4. Interview
  5. Negotiation and Request Rates (interview only) or Finalize Price Negotiations (proposal and interview)
  6. Notice of Selection
  7. Receive consultant’s signed agreement/submittals
  8. Execute contract
  9. Contract kick off meeting

What to expect during procurement timeline for category 3

  1. Advertisement on VendorConnect
  2. Pre-proposal Meeting
  3. Solicitation questions deadline
  4. Proposals due
  5. Interview
  6. Request for final technical, inclusion plan, and price proposal
  7. Professional Services- Issue notice of selection, negotiations, execute contract, contract kick off
    Personal Services – Finalize price negotiations, issue notice of selection, obtain consultant award submittals, execute contract, contract kick off meeting.

Service Agreement Requirements

  • Know your rates and understand how Port negotiates rates​
  • Typical Insurance Coverages Required:​
    • Auto​
    • General liability​
    • Errors and omissions​
  • Required Documentation ​
    • Certificates of insurance​
    • Policy endorsements​
  • Limits of Coverage Required (in Dollars)​
  • Washington UBI Number​
  • Washington State Workers Compensation (if applicable)​
  • Federal Taxpayer Identification Number (e.g. SSN, EIN)​
  • No Debarment
  • CC-2-Ethics and Conflict of Interest
    • Potential Proposers: Consultants are obligated to disclose perceived or real conflicts of interest.  Please review the CC-2 Policy.  Contact the Port’s Central Procurement Office representative identified in the solicitation (“CPO Representative”) to request a determination from the Director of the Central Procurement Office
    • Conflict of Interest Determination Guidance: External COI Determination Guidance.docx
    • Conflict of Interest Determination Process Flowchart: External COI Process Flow Chart.pdf
    • A COI submittal form to help guide submit relevant facts: COI Determination Submittal
    • Upon receipt of your request, the CPO Representative will contact you for additional information.  The Port will contact you once a determination is made. The process may take up to two (2) weeks.

Additional Resources

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