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Host an Event on Port Property

Thank you for considering a Port of Seattle property for your event. The purpose of Port of Seattle outdoor public spaces is to provide public access, support Port business operations, and facilitate community use. In an effort to balance community access and private demand, the Port offers — whenever possible — certain public spaces for community and private events when they do not overly restrict access by the general public or interfere with port business operations. The Port of Seattle does not provide event planning services or event equipment rental.

Here's how to host an event on Port property:

  1. Read through the Event License Application and the Port Events Insurance Attachment.
  2. If film, video, and photography is needed, please complete the Film/Video/Photography Production Licenses Application
  3. Contact the following people to check availability:

Port Aviation Properties:  Jeff Hollingsworth at or 206-787-3507

Parks: Al Grant at or 206-787-3811

Shilshole Bay Marina: Stephanie Riley at or 206-787-4488

Fishermen's Terminal: Ray Giometti at or 206-787-3742

Bell Harbor Marina/Pier 66: Susie Archuleta at or 206-787-5782

Event Licenses
An Event License is needed to reserve any outdoor Port of Seattle property or facility. Event Licenses are issued by the Port in its sole discretion based upon an evaluation of availability of Port facilities, as well as the nature and duration of the proposed activity which is the subject of the license application.

Sites that are available for events are listed on the Potential Event Sites page of the application.

An Event License application form is attached. It should be completed in detail. Answers to all questions should give a full description of what activities are planned, when the facilities are needed, and the number of people expected. Additional pages may be added if needed. An incomplete, unsigned and/or undated application will not be processed.

Applications for event licenses should be submitted at least thirty (30) days before the requested date of use. Applications submitted with less than 30 days’ notice are not guaranteed to be approved.

Event License Applications are accepted starting on the first business day of the calendar year in which the event takes place. Applications for events taking place in January will be accepted on the first business day of December of the previous year.

The Port of Seattle retains the right to accept and consider Event Licenses at any time for maritime, recreational boating, or aviation-related events, for Port of Seattle customer events, or for extra-large events requiring significant lead time.

Once we review your application, we will send you an outline of costs. The Port of Seattle requires proof of insurance and may require special approvals or permits from other agencies in addition to the above fees. All fees (with the exception of the parks damage deposit) are nonrefundable. Proof of insurance, permits, and fees must be provided to the Port of Seattle no later than seven (7) days prior to the commencement of the event.

Fees and Charges
Fees may include but are not exclusive to:

  • Base minimum fee
  • Electrical hookup fee
  • Additional use fees such as moorage, facility equipment rental
  • Labor fee
    • Upon review of an Event License application, facility management may determine that Port staff is required onsite at an event. Applicants will be advised of this requirement during license review.
    • Any damage repairs by the Port following the event (see Damage Mitigation on the Event License Policy page)
  • Damage deposit (for parks only)
  • A $500.00 per day fine will be charged for any equipment found on the property before or after the license term (for parks only)
  • Additional fees may be required if applicable. Applicants will be advised of this requirement during license review.

Effective March 1, 2017: all Port of Seattle Parks switched to a dawn-to-dusk schedule for open hours.

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